Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Hanging out, down the street The same old thing, we did last week Not a thing to do, but talk to you..."

Dear Bloggie,

   It has happened. I have nothing to blog about! ***Cue high pitched-horror-movie-scream***

   But in all seriousness, I have nothing to write about today. I'm only blogging because Cat asked me too.

   Wait, I thought of something. I might have made friends with this guy named Marty. I don't remember if I've mentioned him before, but he's this kid who was in my visual arts rotation, is now in my technical theatre rotation, and will also be in my creative writing rotation in three weeks. When I found out I was like "What the (word that starts with 'f 'and ends with 'k', and not fire-truck)!?" But this rotation I have more than one class with him (all freshman are together this rotation) so I've gotten to know him.

   Now, the thing about Marty is that he talks in monotone. Always. Which you would think would make him boring, but he isn't. He's actually funny, and because of his monotone voice, he comes off even funnier. He can say weird thing with a straight face that would put professional comedians to shame. You throw in that he looks like a younger version of Eric Forman from That 70's Show, an you have a funny guy who could make a good friend.

Marty looks just like this. Except younger. An his hair is darker. And he's paler. Like, ghost pale. 

   I'm totally serious. If I eventually find him on Facebook, I'll post a picture of him.

   Anyway, so overall he's nice and I'm glad I'm making a friend in this rotation. I made friends with Sierra last rotation and now Marty this one. Things are going a little better. Hopefully they'll last.


P.S. I made another Cat + Spencer picture. :)


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