Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life Plans & My Crazy Schemes

Dear Bloggie,

   I'm the type of person who has a life plan. Really, I've had one for years now. Probably since I was eleven or twelve. My plan was get into GHAA (that was added last year) and have a good four years (hopefully have a publishing deal as I leave for college), then get into Columbia or NYU and meet my dream guy there. After college (all six years because I need to get my masters), we would travel around the world before returning to NY.

    We would  get married by the time I'm 28-29 and then honeymoon in Paris. Around 32 I want to have my first child. I want to have about six children (I've got five of the names picked out; I need at least three girls and two boys, the sixth can be either or as long as it's healthy), so they would be close in age. After my first child we would move back to Connecticut  or Massachusetts or maybe even up-state New York. All I know is that I don't want to raise my children in the city and I would just LOVE to live in a small historical town. Like books and TV are always portraying New England to be.

    The public school system in the city isn't the best, so that would mean I would have to either put them in Catholic school or expensive private schools. I'm OK with catholic or private school when you're younger, but I want them to experience public high school like I am.

    Basically, I have a dream and I want to reach it. Of course I want to be a published writer, so I hope that after having my children I can be a stay at home mom. This way I could be part of their lives and have time to write. And with the money I would have coming in from writing, would hire a maid. I like to cook, but cleaning is a job that you basically couldn't pay me to do.

   This is my life. It's simple, but it's a full life complete with two different worlds to live in (historical small town and busy and fast paced New York), many children (which would hopefully lead to many grandchildren), travel, and most importantly love. I just want to give my own children everything I don't have right now for myself. I have a loving mother, but I wish I had a dad. I want to be strangely and freakishly normal. Yeah, it sounds odd, but wanting to have a crazy family that keeps life entertaining while still being the normal Mom, Dad, and kids, is what I want.

 (Downtown Amherst: Doesn't it just look so cute and quaint?!) 

   But now I'm thinking about changing things around. I'm starting to consider going to Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. It's a smaller college than NYU or Columbia, located in a college town where most people there are under thirty. Plus, according to my awesome Aunt Carla who know allot about colleges,  it's a very creative college which is what I want.

   She was telling me that I should probably do four years in a small school for my bachelors so I can get more one on one with the professors (meaning I would be able to fine tune my writing) and then, if I  want, I can go somewhere bigger like NYU or Columbia for my masters. I think that sounds wonderful. I love Massachusetts and would love to live there for a while. I just don't love Boston. I went there over the summer and hated it.

   Now that I'm in high school I have to really start thing about my future and what I want from it. And the scares the shit out me.



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