Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Dear Bloggie,

    I was checking my blog today, when I noticed I had gotten a comment last week. Clicking on it, it led me to Ema Winters blog, in which she awarded me Versatile Blogger Award!  I for one am very honored. You know what's funny about this all? I had actually read her blog post when she received the award, but had completely missed my name on her list of people she was awarding! Anyway, I will keep the rules if the award. 

The rules are simple:
  1. Thank and link back to the person(s) who bestowed the award
  2. Share seven things about yourself
  3. Pass the award to fifteen bloggers who are 'versatile'
  4. Inform the recipients are seven things about me(!):

  1. The first story I ever wrote (as far as I know) was written when I was somewhere between three and five. It's was never completed, but in short it was about a green skinned, orange haired, warty nosed witch, who was married to a pale, black caped, with black hair vampire. I never got past that point, but when I found it I was so surprised. I had completely forgotten that I always had a love for writing. I always assumed that it began when I started to love reading in fourth grade, but this story brought back memories of a little me telling my mom that I didn't need to read books in order to like writing. Of course now I realize that to be a good writer you have to read.
  2. I have attend three wonderful schools in my life. Before that I attended two Catholic schools. The first was Cedar Court School, which I attended since I was three, until it closed when I was in second grade. The second was saint Brigid School. I was there from third grade until last year, when I graduated from the middle school. Now I’m at The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. It’s like public school, but not exactly because you can’t just go there, you need to get into the lottery. I guess it’s a public school with a focus.
  3. I had an English teacher in sixth grade that had a Boston accent. Instead of saying “garbage”, she said “gaah-bage”. When we imitated her, we would say “That’s gaah-bage!”
  4. When I was three, one of my best friends was a boy named Antonio. We met in pre-school. Almost everyday we would play house -- extreme addition! We weren’t just normal parents, but instead super spies. Our baby (which was black baby doll, while he was Spanish and I’m a mixture of white and Latina; we had a very multi cultural family) was always being kidnapped so we had to go rescue it. After we went on our death-defying missions that included crossing shark/crock tanks, we would return home so I can make us dinner. Too bad in our second year of preschool (which was for three and four year olds, making us four) he started hanging out with boys and so our close friendships ended. When I was five I discovered that I had a crush on him, but by that time he was no longer attending my school and both of my best friends had started liking him too.
  5. I have two cats, a girl named Coco and a boy named Cinnamon. My mom and I call Coco Shredder because she shreds any paper you leave near her. Cinnamon used to pee on the floor, but thankfully he seems to have gotten over that.
  6. I love living in Connecticut even though our winters and summers seem to always go to the extremes. Our winters are bitter while our summers are smoldering. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  7. I can be very, very, VERY shy around people I don’t know. If I’m in a room with no one I know, I can seriously sit there awkwardly and hope to become one with the wallpaper. Or die. One the other hand, when I’m comfortable around people, I can be overly outgoing. So outgoing that I can be embarrassing -- to both myself and others who know me. 

Now, I don't have 15 bloggers to give this award to (sadly), but I do have 14 bloggers who are versatile(!) :

Go follow these people above. NOW! Again, much thanks to Ema!



Rhose.Whyte said...

This is SUCH a neat idea!
Thank you so much nominating me. x]
And of course I will nominate some other people.

My comments on your "7 things about me."

1. Oh my gosh, that is so majorly cute! The first time I wrote something, was when I was five, and I was struggling with writing my name. * sighs* Example of how hopelesss I am.

2. Three schools? Wow, that's a lot. Of course, nowhere near as many as the millions of schools I've been to. x] I've been all over the world, and the people at my old school used to call me "traveling girl."

3. Hahahahaha! I used to have a teacher like that in New Zealand, and he came from scottish and then I used to get yelled at because I couldn't understand what he wanted me to do. *shakes head*

4. Grrrr! If I were you, I would grab Antonio and kick away your friends. "Back off, I saw him first!" Then you'd have to run for it. x] Of course, that's probably not what you'd do, but it's definitely what I'd do.

Actually, I've never met someone else who had a friend that they've known for so long. I had Michael in Kindergarten who was my best friend because he let me use his crayons, and ended up being the only person who hadn't said anything mean to me, but I don't remember him too well.

That was in New Zealand, and I moved from there when I was 8. x] Hmmm... I forgot what he looked like. I'm sure he had freckles, blue eyes and orange hair, but that's all I remember.

5. Awh! I love cats! Just check out my inkpop profile picture if you don't believe me. x]

6. England? Really? My best friend always wanted to go there. I want to go to Canada for some reason --maybe because it seems like such a peaceful and awesome country.

7. Hahaha! I know what you mean there. My favourite quote: "The ones who don't know me, wonder why I'm so quiet. The ones who DO know me, wonder why I never shut up." <--- You've got to love that quote. x]

Thank you for letting me babble! <3
Remy xx

Evie J said...

Aw, thank you, dear! *hugs*

Paige said...

omgeee!!!!!!! Thank you soo much!!! AAAHHH :) This is quite an honor to be awarded as a versatile blogger! :D

Jen said...

Thanks sooo much! Don't have time to re-post this tonight but definitely will tomorrow!
Thanks again! Jen

Kristia S. said...

AWWW Thanks so so so much!
Sorry for the the late in the game. I've been sick. ECK. LOL.
Thanks again!!!

My seven things randomly about me. XD

1. I am a FULL ON DEDICATED CHILD IN CHRIST. I would be nothing without the love of Jesus in my life.
2. I wasn’t much of a reader before age fourteen. I actually HATED books, reading, and/or anything falling under the reading category. It really bored me when I was a kid. Then…I stumbled upon a book that caught my attention and I’ve been reading like a crazy machine! The books are called “Maximum Ride.” By James Patterson. Then I went from that to “The Twilight Saga.” <- that alone got me hooked in reading the most of all! Then I got A LOT of crap with having my nose in a book all the time. :/ From my school friends of course.
3. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was nine, even though I never really read books. My first project was titled,”The Ignored Child.” It was basically a story about a girl who had the opposite type of life I had. Her family ignored her all the time, but when she stumbled into fame their eyes were latched onto her from then on. It was pretty childish and stupid. But what would you expect out of a nine year old?
4. I started to write serious projects when I was fourteen. My first serious project was titled, “The Land of Akasha.” A medieval era romance/adventure. I only wrote seven chapters before I realized I really wasn’t getting anywhere with it. :/
5. I’ve NEVER FINISHED A WRITING PROJECT. Ever… I have esteem issues when it comes to finishing a project. I always feel it isn’t worth anything. But I am bound and determined to finish “Time With Seleste.” Honestly, it’s almost finished!
6. I have almost thirty dogs (mostly Chihuahuas, you wouldn’t believe how fast they multiply!) I love animals obviously. Lol. XD. I have three birds too.
7. I was home schooled up until the age fourteen and then I attended eight grade for a semester. Then I went to ninth grade, and pretty much skipped the whole time. So I pretty much dropped out. Now I’m going to go to this high school collaborative college thingy that my local community college is doing. The high school classes that I’ll be taking will deduct the hours off from my college hours while I’m taking extra classes that are college levels. WooHOO I pretty much skip SATs!! I want to become a High School English Teacher. (Ironic I know. lol)

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