Contact Me

   I love getting mail. Facebook message. Email. Snail mail -- though I'm against the use of actual snails to deliver mail. Snails have feelings too! Thankfully (for the snail), I can't actually give out my home address. Sorry, but we live in a society of stalkers, creeps, and sparkling vampires who don't need to be invited to creep into your room while your sleeping. In times like these we can't let any one know where we live -- especially the later. Not that I think you're a sparkly vampire, I'm sure you're a perfectly kind human or normal non-sparkly vampire. Though, if you're a werewolf I definitely can't let you in.  Sorry, but I'm not a dog person. At all.

   While I can't tell you where I live, feel free to email me here. I love email. Don't know why, I just do. Plus you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter -- though I'm horrible at tweeting. I made  my Twitter account about a year ago, but I didn't tweet once until Christmas. Since then I have only tweeted eight more times. Yeah, I'm bad with Twitter. On the other hand, I spend most of my waking hours on Facebook. What can I say, it's addictive? Add me. I've been told I'm funny. Sorta.