Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Hanging out, down the street The same old thing, we did last week Not a thing to do, but talk to you..."

Dear Bloggie,

   It has happened. I have nothing to blog about! ***Cue high pitched-horror-movie-scream***

   But in all seriousness, I have nothing to write about today. I'm only blogging because Cat asked me too.

   Wait, I thought of something. I might have made friends with this guy named Marty. I don't remember if I've mentioned him before, but he's this kid who was in my visual arts rotation, is now in my technical theatre rotation, and will also be in my creative writing rotation in three weeks. When I found out I was like "What the (word that starts with 'f 'and ends with 'k', and not fire-truck)!?" But this rotation I have more than one class with him (all freshman are together this rotation) so I've gotten to know him.

   Now, the thing about Marty is that he talks in monotone. Always. Which you would think would make him boring, but he isn't. He's actually funny, and because of his monotone voice, he comes off even funnier. He can say weird thing with a straight face that would put professional comedians to shame. You throw in that he looks like a younger version of Eric Forman from That 70's Show, an you have a funny guy who could make a good friend.

Marty looks just like this. Except younger. An his hair is darker. And he's paler. Like, ghost pale. 

   I'm totally serious. If I eventually find him on Facebook, I'll post a picture of him.

   Anyway, so overall he's nice and I'm glad I'm making a friend in this rotation. I made friends with Sierra last rotation and now Marty this one. Things are going a little better. Hopefully they'll last.


P.S. I made another Cat + Spencer picture. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


   I promise to have a real post tomorrow, but right now I'm just posting this picture. The guy with his hand on his mouth is the Eli guy I was talking about a few posts back. I was going to post the picture after that, but then Odyssey died and I suddenly had more important things to post about. As you can see, it's a very stalky style photo. Yes, I have a boy problem. I'm proud and admit it. :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Lonely, Miss Lonely

Dear Bloggie,
    I've got a confession to make. There is a reason why I haven't talked about school that much. It's because it's not going as well as I thought. I was talking to somebody earlier tonight -- this person doesn't seem to understand how awesome they are and that people like them -- when talking with them made me realize that I've been in denial. I love my school so much. I love my teachers and my classes are awesome. If I left there, I would regret it. 

   But at the same time school isn't perfect. I sometimes find myself wishing I hadn't gone somewhere so different that where my friends went. I find myself thinking that maybe I should have gone to Northwest Catholic. Would I have loved it? No. Would I be as lonely? Probably not. I'm not super close to the people who go there, but at least I would be closer than I am now. 

   It's not like I'm a total social exile. I do sit with people at lunch. But I rarely talk to them. I sit there quietly and listen, reading or doing work that's due the next period or so. You know the movie Mean Girls? Remember Lindsay Lohan's first day, where she's all lonely and ends up eating lunch in the bathroom? Take away the bathroom part and add some small talk throughout the day, and that's my life at school. 

  My arts classes have been better, I made friends -- really, I consider her a friend -- with this girl named Sierra. Sadly, she wants to be an art major. And add in the fact that she's a half day student, well, you get the picture. I won't see her much now that this rotation is done. We'll be in total different areas. It really sucks. We still have Facebook and I'll still see her, but it won't be the same.

   The first day I was by myself when this lady who teachers Sunday school at my church (who will my teacher this year) and is a music teacher for the arts classes, had come up to me and had said hi. She had asked me if I knew anyone else there and I answered no. When she thought I was being rather brave, and that she didn't think she could have been able to have done the same thing, I was proud of myself. I thought "Ha, I am being brave!" 

   But now I think I was being stupid.
   Because loneliness really sucks. If you have never felt it, well, consider yourself the luckiest person on earth. If you have, then you totally understand what I mean. I hope this will change soon. Sadly, if my past is any example, I don't make friends easily. People don't tend to like the fat girl. 


Saturday, September 25, 2010


Dear Bloggie,

   I hope you like how this blog has been transforming. I know I am. Eventually I do wish to make my own
template, but until then I will survive with the one I have now.

   So my Photoshop trial is about to expire, so I decided to go into cover making overdrive. I have this book idea that I worked on in the past, then put aside when I got the idea for Incandescent, which I put aside when I decided to work on C.O.A.O.P. Yeah, I have a hard time completing a book. Tell me about.
   The point is, today I made a cover for it. Here it is:

 Some Secrets Are Blood Deep....

Sixteen-year-old Carson Elmwood has stood as a sign of hope for her people all her life. She is the youngest on earth, the last born after The Fall. She defied the possible. Carson will be their savior. Or people say.

The truth is Carson has no idea how to save the world. She has no idea if she can have children – a feat that is thought to be impossible. To be truthful, she doesn’t even want to have children. Why expose them to poverty and death as she has been exposed? For Carson, life will be restrictions she dreams of breaching and expectations that she fears of both reaching, and never coming close to.

Beth Haven has never seen poverty or death from any other cause besides old age in her nineteen years. Her whole life has been simple and carefree. After her marriage to Brandon, finding herself pregnant was supposed to be her fairytale ending.

However, secrets can’t stay buried forever. When Brandon is taken away Beth suddenly finds herself – and more importantly the baby – in grave danger. Running away from everything she holds dear, she must rely on Carson – who is desperate for a way out – and an unlikely ally to save the day. But as secrets start to unravel faster and faster, they may soon realize that they are way over their heads. That this secret runs blood deep...

   What do you think? This is a dystopia/sci-fi/romance novel. I got the idea while reading To Kill A Mockingbird last winter/spring. They were talking about the villages in Africa that raise their children together,  when I remembered that saying "It takes a village to raise a child". That got me questioning what would it take for Americans to adopt this thinking. That's how I got to "Well, if there was only one child left, wouldn't people watch over it?" As the idea jumped around, I remembered this movie I loved called "Children of Men" about a future where no children are being born, except then one woman dose get pregnant. The main character (a guy in the movie/book) takes it upon himself to protect her. 

   The only thing I never truly got was why people stopped having children. I felt that the movie never gave a good enough reason Maybe if I read the book I'll find out, but not right now. The point is, I started asking myself "What would cause the world to stop being able to procreate?" Of course, I can't tell you in this post, but I will tell you that I have an answer to that question. After that, the rest just started to come to me. 

   This book isn't a main priority, but I do plan on working on it before I graduate high school. OK, so I'll post more tomorrow or Monday because I'm getting to distracted. More later. 


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movies & Other Distractions

Dear Bloggie,

    As someone has reminded me (*cough, cough* Cat *cough, cough*) I’ve been needing to update my blog. It’s not that I have nothing to say -- trust me, that will NEVER be an issue; I come up with random blog posts in my mind all the time -- it’s just that I’ve been too lazy to actually type it. But since I’m having a rather good day, I might as well.

   First off, as you may have noticed, I have redone this blog up. I preferred the only template, but it just wasn’t giving me the freedom I wanted. Now I have been able to add reactions and other pages -- two freedoms a premade template was not giving me. The tabs are simple and understandable. I have one tab for Home (where you are reading this), one tab for Current Projects (where you can find story ideas that I have put some or plan to put some work into; this tab is up, but not totally done. Still, there are projects posted there so check it out), Contact (where you can find information on how to contact me for whatever reason), and one labeled C.O.A.O.P (which will change as my most current projects change). Any story I am seriously working on will have it’s own tab.

   So now onto the real updated part. My life as a high school has been normal for the most part. Well, as normal as life at an art school can be. This guy I know named Hayden showed up in a dress today. The dress was borrowed from a senior who made it, and it was worn over his usual attire of skinny jeans a and a T-shirt, but the effect was still there. Specially when he went to the bathroom and stuffed the top. He tried to stuff it with paper, but it didn’t work. So instead he stuffed it with his socks which made it appear as if he just had one big breast instead of two separate ones.

   Now, onto the overly high school news. Jonah told this girl named Kayla who told my lunch table that he like this girl named Sarah (we call her Sarah Starfish). She’s the one with the ukulele. But according to Kayla, though Sarah Starfish considers him a dear friend and is even the one who has brought him out of his shell, she has no romantic feelings for him. Which, though it is mean, is good news to me. Sarah is pretty, nice, and fun/crazy. If she likes Jonah back, well I have no doubt that I will never have even the slightest chance with him.

   Today, as sometimes I do, I was able to watch a movie. I watched The Young Victoria, and am now watching 9, an animated movie about a rag doll that awakens in a post-apocalyptic future holds the key to humanity's salvation. I loved The Young Victoria. To begin with, I just love Emily Blunt and then there is just the fact that Queen Victoria is one of my favorite royals, second only to Queen Elizabeth the 1st.The movie was great and was filled with wonderful actors. I give it a ten stars out of ten. Between the acting, dialogue, settings and stage, and costumes, that movie was just plain brilliant.

  One thing that I love about Queen Victoria, is that unlike Queen Elizabeth, she was able to balance out her love life with being a great queen. Queen Elizabeth gave everything, and got almost nothing in return. I feel bad for her since she had been in love, it just was that she could not marry him because of his unpopularity. She chose her country over love. I will never have to make such a drastic decision, but I just hope that my life will be balanced like Queen Victoria’s, not like Queen Elizabeth’s.

   9 has been a little dull up to this point, but maybe that’s because I’m not really paying attention. Tomorrow is the last day of my visual arts rotation. Next Monday I start Technical Theater for three weeks. I’m really excited.

   Well, that’s about all the time we have for today boys and girls, but don’t worry, I’ll post again. I love blogging too much not to :)





P.S. Tonight begins the new season of Criminal Minds. I heard on a radio advertisement that Tim Curry will guest star on it. Ever since seeing him one The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I have totally loved him. In I think he’s a good and funny actor sort of way of course. Check out The Rocky Horror Picture Show if you haven't seen it, it’s awesome. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life, Death, & Saying Goodbye Too Soon

Dear Bloggie,
    Back in July -- July 9th to be exact -- I had posted about a hectic week. One filled with sun burns, earaches, messed up Chinese food orders, and one very sad diagnoses of cancer in one of my fellow JL's (Junior Leaders). Sadly, I'm sure you can guess why I an mentioning it. At 11:05, September 16th, 2010, fifteen-year-old Odyssey Vargas passed away after battling cancer. She was diagnosed in early July and died mid-September. She didn't even make it three months. Not even three months. Thankfully she did make it ton her 15th birthday. She turned 15 on September 9th. 

  I for one am not a big supporter of religions. I'm more a "believe what you want" type of person. So no matter what you believe in, if you're religious or not. You don't even have to be American. All I ask is that you keep Odyssey in your minds and -- if you are religious -- prayers. If you aren't just wish her the best at where-ever you go after death. That's what I'm doing. hoping that she has found peace and that she is no longer in pain. I hope she lives on some-where. She deserves to be alive. 

R.I.P. Odyssey 


Friday, September 17, 2010

How I Got My Phone Taken Away For An Hour, Saw A Hot Guy, Missed A Chance To Talk To Another One, And Still Found Time To Blog!

Dear Bloggie,
    Sorry, it's been a couple days. I was going to post yesterday.  I was tired when I got home and I had started working another book cover (which I still have not completed) and then ended up falling asleep right after dinner. I'm posting now though. So lets's get into it.

   On Wednesday we had our freshman seminar. Freshman seminar is basically this meeting thing we have every Monday and Wednesday instead of another art class. We meet with our freshman seminar advisor and talk or watch other students (older but maybe eventually it'll be us too) perform. I won't go too much into what they performed, but there was this really hot guy there.

   His name is Eli and he's a senior -- basically he's way out of my league. Still, he's hot. So being my natural creepy/stalker self what do I do? I take out my phone and take a stalkarazzi style photo of him. At the moment my cell is dead so I can't send it to my computer to upload, but I will next entry. Basically, the best way to describe him is tall medium built guy (average) with Robert Pattinson style hair (via first Twilight movie) but a face that looks like you took Robert Pattinson and crossed bred him with Jesse McCarthy, a younger version of Hayden Christensen, and Hunter Parrish (who I think is very hot, is one of a few people that my mind uses when I think of my character Ethan Stanford -- except Ethan is muscular and tan from being a lifeguard -- and, in my opinion, would make a great Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games movie...).

   Sadly my FS (freshman seminar) advisor saw it and took it away from me. After FS I had to go to the office, sign a paper that said I understood the school rules and if I get caught with my phone out again my parent or guardian would have to come in and sign it out, and yada, yada, yada. Point being, I got it back but will be more careful with it in future situations.

   Today I passed up a chance to talk to Jonah. Why you ask? Because I'm a quiet idiot. He was sorta sitting by himself reading this book (yes, I looked it up and all...don't judge), when this girl I sit with for lunch (we call her Sarah Squishy -- you would be surprised how popular the name Sarah was in 1996, so many of the girls in my grade have that name!) went over and dragged him to our table. He was sitting right next to me. Seriously, right next to me. All I would have to have done was ask him a question or something.

   But no, of course I don't do that. That would require talking. What do I do instead? I follow his example and take out the Princess Diaries book (my cover looks like this, but it's soft cover) I am reading . Yes, it was as pathetic as it sounds. It's 100% official: I'm a failure at boys.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear Bloggie,
   I'm taking this moment to blog because I just had a rush of happiness. As you know I've gone Photoshop crazy. today I decided to put that craziness to use and offer my Photoshop skills on inkpop. I've done four covers by now (they take a while to make) and am very proud of them. I mean, they are actually coming out good. I know, I'm surprised too!

   And to think, I've always assumed I was horrible at computers! At last I am modernizing -- which actually is pretty sad since I was born into a very electronic era and am only now (fourteen and a half  years and one day later) getting the hang of it. Whatever.

    Though I love the covers, that's not what gave me a rush. What gave me a rush is the fact that someone has actually put up my cover for their story. I know, them putting it up probably seems like and obvious outcome of me making it, but still, it's my first uploaded cover that doesn't go with my own stor(y(ies). It's a very exciting concept.

    If you want to see any of the covers I have made, them go here. I used that second blog that I had accidental made so in the end I didn't waste a blog. Now I have to go back to making covers. I have three or four more to do.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember…

Dear Bloggie,

    Today, as you go on your way, remember those who died on September 11th, 2001. Nine years ago. I can't believe it. The thought that it has been nine years is almost as unbelievable as the thought that it happened at all. The thought that people could be filled with so much hate that they would hijack four planes and fly two of them into the World Trade Center. The thought that they would fly the other into the Pentagon. The thought that the passengers of fourth plane were able to stop the plane, sadly instead crashing into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. These are thoughts that belong in a action-packed horror movie, not the news. Not history.

   So today, I ask you to remember. I don't care your American or not. I don't care if your , Christian, Jewish, Mormon, or Muslim. I don't care if your white, black, tan, yellow, red, purple, green, or blue. I don't even care if your skin is a rainbow. I don't care about any of the things that make us different.

    What I do care about, is what makes us the same. We are all people. We are all human. We all feel and hurt and love.We all have our faults and we all have our virtues. We have people who care and love us. We are alive. But on September 11th, that final category disappeared for 2, 296 people (including the 19 hijackers). Who loved and hurt. and felt. Who had families who loved and cared for them. Who were all people. All human. But now, nine years later, are no longer alive.

    We remember that day as a tragedy. But still, look at photos of September 11th and what do you see? The Twin Towers on fire. Fire fighters and rescue workers trying to save people, to at least find the bodies so the victims can be properly identified. But there are photos that aren’t as popular because they show how truly horrible that day was. One of them being “The Falling Man”:



   To be so desperate that the only way you have any shot at living is to jump. To know that there is no way your going to make it, but you could either wait for the flames and smoke to take you or jump into the cool blue sky. There is a video I was watching on YouTube called “9/11 The Falling Man”. It was not only about the person in the photo above, but also about the 200 people who jumped to their death that day. One man was talking about his wife who worked in the South Tower. He had called her at work and they were able to talk and say their goodbyes before she went to try to get out. They found her body outside her building. Not to say she couldn’t have fallen by accident, but in reality he even said she most likely jumped. But imagine, being stuck in a hot and smoke filled building. Wouldn’t you jump? To fly through the cool crisp air. To say, “I’m not giving in. I won’t let the smoke kill me.”

    These are the people we should see and remember. The people were trapped and desperate. These should be the photos we see, not only America coming together. Because, it wasn’t only Americas who died. It was people on trips form other countries. Business trips, family vacations, you name it. People in the planes, people in the buildings. They were there too. They were not Americans, but they were human.

   So again I ask, remember them. No matter what country your from, just stop and imagine what these people went through, all of them. The jumpers, the people on the four planes, the fire fighters and rescue workers, the people at the Pentagon, and the people who died of smoke, fire, and the Twin Towers collapsing. And, most of all, remember their families. The family members who are haunted by their unsaid goodbyes, and the family members who were forced to say them too soon. The children who lost their parents, and the children who lost their lives. 




( Shanksville, Pennsylvania…)


World Trade Center (Twin Towers)

(Before……)                                                                     (After……)


    ~ Much Love,


Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes, I Caught It From Cat

Dear Bloggie,

Me: Hello. I’m (insert real name) and I’ve become obsessed with Criminal Minds

CMA (Criminal Minds Anonymous): Hi (insert real name).

For those who have not gotten the point yet, here it is in simple terms: I love Criminal Minds. It’s really and awesome show. I love crime shows. Period. But the fact that Criminal Minds, unlike other shows (i.e. CSI -- Miami, New York, and normal –, Numbers, NCIS, ect.), actually gets into the criminals’ minds, really makes it interesting.

Right now it’s late (as always), but what happened is that I was watching Chelsea Lately when I decided to start playing around with my Photoshop. I only have 14 more days with it before my free trial runs out, so I’m trying to get the most out of it. If I had, like, $60, I would totally buy it for real. Sadly I don’t. So anyways, I was playing around with it when I came across a photo of Cat and me that my aunt had taken at graduation. I can’t upload it because of the type of folder it is, so it’s just sitting in my photo bin. I was looking at the picture when I got an idea. As always, my idea was nuts -- but I like it. Remember, I caught my craziness for Criminal Minds from Cat. What you are about to see is NOT my fault. So without further ado, this is what i came up with:

Cat and Spencer wedding (When they get married, they can use this for their wedding invitation!)

But of course, this lovely photo would not be complete without the one thing all wedding should have (though most leave this out for some strange reason…):

Cat and Spencer wedding beard

(Beard Heaven)

Yep, the traditional wedding beard(s). Spencer is sporting a crazy-hobo beard, complete with a beard in it (that’s what the red thing in the bird is). While on the other hand, Cat went for a short and sophisticated 70’s porn star stache. Nothing says love like porn and hobos.

So now that I have reviled what goes through my mind, I’m heading off to bed. I can sleep assured that the world is a better place with a Cat + Spencer + Wedding + Beard + Porn + Hobo Photo. Because as you all know, Cat + Spencer + Wedding + Beard + Porn + Hobo = World Peace. See you later alligator!



P.S. All you need in life is faith, trust, and pixie dust!

P.P.S By faith I don’t mean in God or whatever your religion is. I mean you have to have faith in yourself.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Identity: Who Are You?

Dear Bloggie,

   It’s 12:51 a.m. and I have just finished up my response to some questions my English teacher gave us as homework. I'm a procrastinator, so of course I waited until tonight to do it. The questions were:


What is identity? In what different ways do individuals, groups, and cultures identify themselves? Explain. What is your identity?


   This is how I answered:


   Identity is the way an individual or a group defines themselves. Some ways they do so are in the way they look, act, and speak. The choices each person makes sometimes speak louder then their appearances. Some common ways people use to define themselves are by the way they dress, what grades they have, or what their social, educational, or financial status is.

I identify myself as a brunette female with curly hair and brown eyes, which is visible from the outside. I tend to be shy around new people, but can be completely out there and crazy with my friends and close family. I have always identified more with my mother’s side of the family than my father’s because of the lack of a relationship I have with him. Still, even though my mother is both Brazilian and Portuguese, I have always seen myself as more Portuguese. My Brazilian relatives are for the most part still in Brazil, while my Portuguese relatives are the ones I see regularly for holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations.

I see myself as sarcastic, but I try never to be hurtful. My temper if neutral for the most part, but when I get upset I’m one step away from having smoke coming out of my ears. I do not identify myself as part of any particular group, but instead see myself as a mixture of many. I have a clashing personality and have a hard time making up my mind on many things. But, I am stubborn about the things I feel strongly for and can not be swayed.


   I wasn’t going to make a post out of this, but then I thought about something. Since recently discovery I actually have readers, I want to know more about you. So, you don’t have to, but I ask that you leave a comment on how you identify yourself. You don’t have to put ant real names into it or anything like that, I just basically state what makes you you. Hope to hear from you.



Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Bloggie,

So Saturday I went to a Portuguese festival in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Now, if you've never been to a Portuguese festival before I'm sure your thinking "Cool". But trust me, it's not. Yes, I love being Portuguese and all, but our festivals kinda suck. Still, they're amusing so I go to two every year. One at the Portuguese church not far from my house around late May, and one in Ludlow around Labor Day.

The festival is the same every year. I go with my mom, her best friend who I call Tia Cathy, and her two children Samantha and Brandon, who I consider my cousins. I know I've mentioned them before so I won't go more into that. Basically what happens every year is that we show up, look around at all these tents that are full of knick-knacks people are trying to sell for outrageous prices, then go up to this small hill where you can light a candle in memory of someone who has passes away. Normally we light one for my grandmother and Sam and Brandon's grandfather, but this year we also lighted one for their uncle who committed suicide almost a year ago . Sam and our mom's did that, while Brandon and I hung around talking about school, friends, ect.

One of my favorite things about a Portuguese festival is our fried dough. Most fried dough is covered in that powered sugar I can't stand, but Portuguese friend dough is covered in real sugar, which makes it ten time better. And ten times worst for you. ;)

Following the fired dough we headed over to the carnival games. I tried one if those drat games and failed at it. The first dark hit the top of the bored – at least a foot away from any of the drawn strawberries I was supposed to be aiming for. The second dart ALMOST made it, but sadly it it hit the leaf instead. Which I consider good enough but the carnie didn’t. Of course, I went on rides too. First I went on the Pharaoh's Furry:

mms_picture (4)

( As you can imagine, this ride turns your stomach into a gymnast)

But that wasn’t my favorite ride. No, my favorite was the Round a Round:

ludlow ride paint (I forgot to get a picture of it, so on my way out I just took one of the park to use instead; it’s the ride I circled and put an arrow to)

And the cool thing was that the man operating the ride let me and Sam on over and over again for free. Brandon only rode once with us because he gets sick on rides that spin. *shudders at memory*

Sadly no amount of rides can make up for the music they played. But then again, when a CD cover looks like this:

mms_picture (3)

(I'm too sexy for my cat too sexy for my cat/ Poor pussy poor pussy cat)

What do you expect from the music inside?

Of course we had to get some souvenirs! My mom got and old fashion baking dish:

mms_picture (5)

(Is it me, or does that design look like it could have been weed in a past life..?)

And a cork decorator for a wine bottle:

mms_picture (6) (Nothing says “Getting drunk with class” like a chicken!")

While I was torn over what I wanted. First i says these, but my mom said no:

mms_picture (1)

(Sadly the didn’t come with any balls or a pimp hat, so they’re not totally correct)

But then I saw this:

mms_picture (8)

And just knew I HAD to HAVE it! Plus, it lights up!

mms_picture (7)(Is it me, or does this remind you of Sailor Moon too?)

There is one Portuguese song I love, but sadly they did not play it. it’s about the Portuguese island that my family come from. Thankfully, i found a version of the song on you tube. Ignore the beginning with the the strange people, I don’t know who they are. I only choose this video because the rest has pictures of Madeira (the island’s name, which actually translates to wood…)

During this song, they use traditional clothes that look like this:

bailinho da madeira clothes

(In my opinion the, the female outfit looks like a fancy table cloth)

And someone plays this instrument:

portugese instumant

I know these things look a bit ridiculous, but when you live in a houses like this:

Madeira_Santana house (No wonder Portuguese people tend to be short!)

It would be normal to dance to that type of music, with that type of instrument, and in that type of outfit, all those years ago. Now, people just do it for fun.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit of my culture. Before I finish this post, I want to show you pictures of Jonah I found the other day when I was stalking—I mean browsing—his Facebook page.

love love 2 love 3

(Yes, the first two look a bit feminine, so I added the third which is what he looks more like now.)

Sadly, I don’t think anything will ever work out between us seeing as he did not accept my friend request on Facebook. :(


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Girls: What's Their Problem

Dear Bloggie,
I can be rebellious. I can do things just to piss off my mom or see peoples reactions. I love my red hair, but when I pick a color, I normally go for one that will make my mom nervous. Basically, I'm a typical teen in that department.

Still, I'm sort of a good girl. I've never been in a fight (except for yelling) and I respect my teachers (though I curse them in my head when they annoy me). Like my mom, I'm a good girl. Most of the time. I still have my faults and I know it. I don't strive to be perfect, though I wish I did.

The idea of a good girl has always eluded me. Well, like always, when I have an idea I start rolling with it. And what starts simple always grows for me. This is how I came up with the idea for my new novel, The Curse of the Good Girl.

Never fear, I have not ditched C.O.A.O.P, I'm still working on it. But at the same time I'm brainstorming for this novel. I'm trying to storyboard but that's not going very well. Still, I'm having a fun time working on it and coming up with ideas. My main character is Chelsea Frayer, a seventeen-year-old senior who has her whole world turned upside down, leaving her scrambling to play her dutiful part as the good girl. The one who never argues or loses her cool. Who always knows how to act and react. Here, I'll just put up the summery I have right now:

Seventeen-year-old Chelsea Frayer’s senior year has started off less then perfect. Two weeks before schools begins, her long time boyfriend and love of her life Danny Price, cheats on her with her best friend Sydney Thorn. Chelsea, being a good girl, of course forgives. Her perfect eighteen-year-old sister, Tiffany, is pregnant and living in their parents’ basement with her fiancĂ©. Her parents are possibly getting a divorce -– that is if they can stop having affairs and then making up by doing the nasty. She is unwilling nominated (and wins) the spot of school vice president, a job that requires her to spend time with class president Danny. And, to top it all, her cheerleading coach has been fired after caught steeling from the school!

Can Chelsea juggle a dysfunctional family, a flirty maybe not-so-ex, and a scheming best friend –- all the while trying to save her beloved cheerleading squad from demise? Let’s not even mention a certain brooding, artistic, musician who she might want to be more than friends with? What’s a good girl to do…?

What do you think? I like it (obviously) and I really want to write about Chelsea. She's an interesting character. She's the glue in her dysfunctional family, and the person friends go to when they have a problem. On the outside she acts perfect in every way because she sees it as her job. Even if she resents it. She hates the thought of ever being a girly-girl and finds marriage a sham. She is a character I'm having a fun time exploring.

OK, so it's late... -- OH SHIT! It's 2:10am! I have to get up at 6:23am! Goodnight!


P.S. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop and love it! I used it to make the cover. First, I used Photoshop to paint the pink background and add the girl, then I used picnik to add the title, quote bubble, authors name, and happy faces. Too bad my trial is only for 30 days; I only have 22 left.