Friday, September 17, 2010

How I Got My Phone Taken Away For An Hour, Saw A Hot Guy, Missed A Chance To Talk To Another One, And Still Found Time To Blog!

Dear Bloggie,
    Sorry, it's been a couple days. I was going to post yesterday.  I was tired when I got home and I had started working another book cover (which I still have not completed) and then ended up falling asleep right after dinner. I'm posting now though. So lets's get into it.

   On Wednesday we had our freshman seminar. Freshman seminar is basically this meeting thing we have every Monday and Wednesday instead of another art class. We meet with our freshman seminar advisor and talk or watch other students (older but maybe eventually it'll be us too) perform. I won't go too much into what they performed, but there was this really hot guy there.

   His name is Eli and he's a senior -- basically he's way out of my league. Still, he's hot. So being my natural creepy/stalker self what do I do? I take out my phone and take a stalkarazzi style photo of him. At the moment my cell is dead so I can't send it to my computer to upload, but I will next entry. Basically, the best way to describe him is tall medium built guy (average) with Robert Pattinson style hair (via first Twilight movie) but a face that looks like you took Robert Pattinson and crossed bred him with Jesse McCarthy, a younger version of Hayden Christensen, and Hunter Parrish (who I think is very hot, is one of a few people that my mind uses when I think of my character Ethan Stanford -- except Ethan is muscular and tan from being a lifeguard -- and, in my opinion, would make a great Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games movie...).

   Sadly my FS (freshman seminar) advisor saw it and took it away from me. After FS I had to go to the office, sign a paper that said I understood the school rules and if I get caught with my phone out again my parent or guardian would have to come in and sign it out, and yada, yada, yada. Point being, I got it back but will be more careful with it in future situations.

   Today I passed up a chance to talk to Jonah. Why you ask? Because I'm a quiet idiot. He was sorta sitting by himself reading this book (yes, I looked it up and all...don't judge), when this girl I sit with for lunch (we call her Sarah Squishy -- you would be surprised how popular the name Sarah was in 1996, so many of the girls in my grade have that name!) went over and dragged him to our table. He was sitting right next to me. Seriously, right next to me. All I would have to have done was ask him a question or something.

   But no, of course I don't do that. That would require talking. What do I do instead? I follow his example and take out the Princess Diaries book (my cover looks like this, but it's soft cover) I am reading . Yes, it was as pathetic as it sounds. It's 100% official: I'm a failure at boys.



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