Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Girls: What's Their Problem

Dear Bloggie,
I can be rebellious. I can do things just to piss off my mom or see peoples reactions. I love my red hair, but when I pick a color, I normally go for one that will make my mom nervous. Basically, I'm a typical teen in that department.

Still, I'm sort of a good girl. I've never been in a fight (except for yelling) and I respect my teachers (though I curse them in my head when they annoy me). Like my mom, I'm a good girl. Most of the time. I still have my faults and I know it. I don't strive to be perfect, though I wish I did.

The idea of a good girl has always eluded me. Well, like always, when I have an idea I start rolling with it. And what starts simple always grows for me. This is how I came up with the idea for my new novel, The Curse of the Good Girl.

Never fear, I have not ditched C.O.A.O.P, I'm still working on it. But at the same time I'm brainstorming for this novel. I'm trying to storyboard but that's not going very well. Still, I'm having a fun time working on it and coming up with ideas. My main character is Chelsea Frayer, a seventeen-year-old senior who has her whole world turned upside down, leaving her scrambling to play her dutiful part as the good girl. The one who never argues or loses her cool. Who always knows how to act and react. Here, I'll just put up the summery I have right now:

Seventeen-year-old Chelsea Frayer’s senior year has started off less then perfect. Two weeks before schools begins, her long time boyfriend and love of her life Danny Price, cheats on her with her best friend Sydney Thorn. Chelsea, being a good girl, of course forgives. Her perfect eighteen-year-old sister, Tiffany, is pregnant and living in their parents’ basement with her fiancĂ©. Her parents are possibly getting a divorce -– that is if they can stop having affairs and then making up by doing the nasty. She is unwilling nominated (and wins) the spot of school vice president, a job that requires her to spend time with class president Danny. And, to top it all, her cheerleading coach has been fired after caught steeling from the school!

Can Chelsea juggle a dysfunctional family, a flirty maybe not-so-ex, and a scheming best friend –- all the while trying to save her beloved cheerleading squad from demise? Let’s not even mention a certain brooding, artistic, musician who she might want to be more than friends with? What’s a good girl to do…?

What do you think? I like it (obviously) and I really want to write about Chelsea. She's an interesting character. She's the glue in her dysfunctional family, and the person friends go to when they have a problem. On the outside she acts perfect in every way because she sees it as her job. Even if she resents it. She hates the thought of ever being a girly-girl and finds marriage a sham. She is a character I'm having a fun time exploring.

OK, so it's late... -- OH SHIT! It's 2:10am! I have to get up at 6:23am! Goodnight!


P.S. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop and love it! I used it to make the cover. First, I used Photoshop to paint the pink background and add the girl, then I used picnik to add the title, quote bubble, authors name, and happy faces. Too bad my trial is only for 30 days; I only have 22 left.


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