Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movies & Other Distractions

Dear Bloggie,

    As someone has reminded me (*cough, cough* Cat *cough, cough*) I’ve been needing to update my blog. It’s not that I have nothing to say -- trust me, that will NEVER be an issue; I come up with random blog posts in my mind all the time -- it’s just that I’ve been too lazy to actually type it. But since I’m having a rather good day, I might as well.

   First off, as you may have noticed, I have redone this blog up. I preferred the only template, but it just wasn’t giving me the freedom I wanted. Now I have been able to add reactions and other pages -- two freedoms a premade template was not giving me. The tabs are simple and understandable. I have one tab for Home (where you are reading this), one tab for Current Projects (where you can find story ideas that I have put some or plan to put some work into; this tab is up, but not totally done. Still, there are projects posted there so check it out), Contact (where you can find information on how to contact me for whatever reason), and one labeled C.O.A.O.P (which will change as my most current projects change). Any story I am seriously working on will have it’s own tab.

   So now onto the real updated part. My life as a high school has been normal for the most part. Well, as normal as life at an art school can be. This guy I know named Hayden showed up in a dress today. The dress was borrowed from a senior who made it, and it was worn over his usual attire of skinny jeans a and a T-shirt, but the effect was still there. Specially when he went to the bathroom and stuffed the top. He tried to stuff it with paper, but it didn’t work. So instead he stuffed it with his socks which made it appear as if he just had one big breast instead of two separate ones.

   Now, onto the overly high school news. Jonah told this girl named Kayla who told my lunch table that he like this girl named Sarah (we call her Sarah Starfish). She’s the one with the ukulele. But according to Kayla, though Sarah Starfish considers him a dear friend and is even the one who has brought him out of his shell, she has no romantic feelings for him. Which, though it is mean, is good news to me. Sarah is pretty, nice, and fun/crazy. If she likes Jonah back, well I have no doubt that I will never have even the slightest chance with him.

   Today, as sometimes I do, I was able to watch a movie. I watched The Young Victoria, and am now watching 9, an animated movie about a rag doll that awakens in a post-apocalyptic future holds the key to humanity's salvation. I loved The Young Victoria. To begin with, I just love Emily Blunt and then there is just the fact that Queen Victoria is one of my favorite royals, second only to Queen Elizabeth the 1st.The movie was great and was filled with wonderful actors. I give it a ten stars out of ten. Between the acting, dialogue, settings and stage, and costumes, that movie was just plain brilliant.

  One thing that I love about Queen Victoria, is that unlike Queen Elizabeth, she was able to balance out her love life with being a great queen. Queen Elizabeth gave everything, and got almost nothing in return. I feel bad for her since she had been in love, it just was that she could not marry him because of his unpopularity. She chose her country over love. I will never have to make such a drastic decision, but I just hope that my life will be balanced like Queen Victoria’s, not like Queen Elizabeth’s.

   9 has been a little dull up to this point, but maybe that’s because I’m not really paying attention. Tomorrow is the last day of my visual arts rotation. Next Monday I start Technical Theater for three weeks. I’m really excited.

   Well, that’s about all the time we have for today boys and girls, but don’t worry, I’ll post again. I love blogging too much not to :)





P.S. Tonight begins the new season of Criminal Minds. I heard on a radio advertisement that Tim Curry will guest star on it. Ever since seeing him one The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I have totally loved him. In I think he’s a good and funny actor sort of way of course. Check out The Rocky Horror Picture Show if you haven't seen it, it’s awesome. :)


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