Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember…

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    Today, as you go on your way, remember those who died on September 11th, 2001. Nine years ago. I can't believe it. The thought that it has been nine years is almost as unbelievable as the thought that it happened at all. The thought that people could be filled with so much hate that they would hijack four planes and fly two of them into the World Trade Center. The thought that they would fly the other into the Pentagon. The thought that the passengers of fourth plane were able to stop the plane, sadly instead crashing into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. These are thoughts that belong in a action-packed horror movie, not the news. Not history.

   So today, I ask you to remember. I don't care your American or not. I don't care if your , Christian, Jewish, Mormon, or Muslim. I don't care if your white, black, tan, yellow, red, purple, green, or blue. I don't even care if your skin is a rainbow. I don't care about any of the things that make us different.

    What I do care about, is what makes us the same. We are all people. We are all human. We all feel and hurt and love.We all have our faults and we all have our virtues. We have people who care and love us. We are alive. But on September 11th, that final category disappeared for 2, 296 people (including the 19 hijackers). Who loved and hurt. and felt. Who had families who loved and cared for them. Who were all people. All human. But now, nine years later, are no longer alive.

    We remember that day as a tragedy. But still, look at photos of September 11th and what do you see? The Twin Towers on fire. Fire fighters and rescue workers trying to save people, to at least find the bodies so the victims can be properly identified. But there are photos that aren’t as popular because they show how truly horrible that day was. One of them being “The Falling Man”:



   To be so desperate that the only way you have any shot at living is to jump. To know that there is no way your going to make it, but you could either wait for the flames and smoke to take you or jump into the cool blue sky. There is a video I was watching on YouTube called “9/11 The Falling Man”. It was not only about the person in the photo above, but also about the 200 people who jumped to their death that day. One man was talking about his wife who worked in the South Tower. He had called her at work and they were able to talk and say their goodbyes before she went to try to get out. They found her body outside her building. Not to say she couldn’t have fallen by accident, but in reality he even said she most likely jumped. But imagine, being stuck in a hot and smoke filled building. Wouldn’t you jump? To fly through the cool crisp air. To say, “I’m not giving in. I won’t let the smoke kill me.”

    These are the people we should see and remember. The people were trapped and desperate. These should be the photos we see, not only America coming together. Because, it wasn’t only Americas who died. It was people on trips form other countries. Business trips, family vacations, you name it. People in the planes, people in the buildings. They were there too. They were not Americans, but they were human.

   So again I ask, remember them. No matter what country your from, just stop and imagine what these people went through, all of them. The jumpers, the people on the four planes, the fire fighters and rescue workers, the people at the Pentagon, and the people who died of smoke, fire, and the Twin Towers collapsing. And, most of all, remember their families. The family members who are haunted by their unsaid goodbyes, and the family members who were forced to say them too soon. The children who lost their parents, and the children who lost their lives. 




( Shanksville, Pennsylvania…)


World Trade Center (Twin Towers)

(Before……)                                                                     (After……)


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