Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear Bloggie,
   I'm taking this moment to blog because I just had a rush of happiness. As you know I've gone Photoshop crazy. today I decided to put that craziness to use and offer my Photoshop skills on inkpop. I've done four covers by now (they take a while to make) and am very proud of them. I mean, they are actually coming out good. I know, I'm surprised too!

   And to think, I've always assumed I was horrible at computers! At last I am modernizing -- which actually is pretty sad since I was born into a very electronic era and am only now (fourteen and a half  years and one day later) getting the hang of it. Whatever.

    Though I love the covers, that's not what gave me a rush. What gave me a rush is the fact that someone has actually put up my cover for their story. I know, them putting it up probably seems like and obvious outcome of me making it, but still, it's my first uploaded cover that doesn't go with my own stor(y(ies). It's a very exciting concept.

    If you want to see any of the covers I have made, them go here. I used that second blog that I had accidental made so in the end I didn't waste a blog. Now I have to go back to making covers. I have three or four more to do.



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