Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes, I Caught It From Cat

Dear Bloggie,

Me: Hello. I’m (insert real name) and I’ve become obsessed with Criminal Minds

CMA (Criminal Minds Anonymous): Hi (insert real name).

For those who have not gotten the point yet, here it is in simple terms: I love Criminal Minds. It’s really and awesome show. I love crime shows. Period. But the fact that Criminal Minds, unlike other shows (i.e. CSI -- Miami, New York, and normal –, Numbers, NCIS, ect.), actually gets into the criminals’ minds, really makes it interesting.

Right now it’s late (as always), but what happened is that I was watching Chelsea Lately when I decided to start playing around with my Photoshop. I only have 14 more days with it before my free trial runs out, so I’m trying to get the most out of it. If I had, like, $60, I would totally buy it for real. Sadly I don’t. So anyways, I was playing around with it when I came across a photo of Cat and me that my aunt had taken at graduation. I can’t upload it because of the type of folder it is, so it’s just sitting in my photo bin. I was looking at the picture when I got an idea. As always, my idea was nuts -- but I like it. Remember, I caught my craziness for Criminal Minds from Cat. What you are about to see is NOT my fault. So without further ado, this is what i came up with:

Cat and Spencer wedding (When they get married, they can use this for their wedding invitation!)

But of course, this lovely photo would not be complete without the one thing all wedding should have (though most leave this out for some strange reason…):

Cat and Spencer wedding beard

(Beard Heaven)

Yep, the traditional wedding beard(s). Spencer is sporting a crazy-hobo beard, complete with a beard in it (that’s what the red thing in the bird is). While on the other hand, Cat went for a short and sophisticated 70’s porn star stache. Nothing says love like porn and hobos.

So now that I have reviled what goes through my mind, I’m heading off to bed. I can sleep assured that the world is a better place with a Cat + Spencer + Wedding + Beard + Porn + Hobo Photo. Because as you all know, Cat + Spencer + Wedding + Beard + Porn + Hobo = World Peace. See you later alligator!



P.S. All you need in life is faith, trust, and pixie dust!

P.P.S By faith I don’t mean in God or whatever your religion is. I mean you have to have faith in yourself.


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