Saturday, September 25, 2010


Dear Bloggie,

   I hope you like how this blog has been transforming. I know I am. Eventually I do wish to make my own
template, but until then I will survive with the one I have now.

   So my Photoshop trial is about to expire, so I decided to go into cover making overdrive. I have this book idea that I worked on in the past, then put aside when I got the idea for Incandescent, which I put aside when I decided to work on C.O.A.O.P. Yeah, I have a hard time completing a book. Tell me about.
   The point is, today I made a cover for it. Here it is:

 Some Secrets Are Blood Deep....

Sixteen-year-old Carson Elmwood has stood as a sign of hope for her people all her life. She is the youngest on earth, the last born after The Fall. She defied the possible. Carson will be their savior. Or people say.

The truth is Carson has no idea how to save the world. She has no idea if she can have children – a feat that is thought to be impossible. To be truthful, she doesn’t even want to have children. Why expose them to poverty and death as she has been exposed? For Carson, life will be restrictions she dreams of breaching and expectations that she fears of both reaching, and never coming close to.

Beth Haven has never seen poverty or death from any other cause besides old age in her nineteen years. Her whole life has been simple and carefree. After her marriage to Brandon, finding herself pregnant was supposed to be her fairytale ending.

However, secrets can’t stay buried forever. When Brandon is taken away Beth suddenly finds herself – and more importantly the baby – in grave danger. Running away from everything she holds dear, she must rely on Carson – who is desperate for a way out – and an unlikely ally to save the day. But as secrets start to unravel faster and faster, they may soon realize that they are way over their heads. That this secret runs blood deep...

   What do you think? This is a dystopia/sci-fi/romance novel. I got the idea while reading To Kill A Mockingbird last winter/spring. They were talking about the villages in Africa that raise their children together,  when I remembered that saying "It takes a village to raise a child". That got me questioning what would it take for Americans to adopt this thinking. That's how I got to "Well, if there was only one child left, wouldn't people watch over it?" As the idea jumped around, I remembered this movie I loved called "Children of Men" about a future where no children are being born, except then one woman dose get pregnant. The main character (a guy in the movie/book) takes it upon himself to protect her. 

   The only thing I never truly got was why people stopped having children. I felt that the movie never gave a good enough reason Maybe if I read the book I'll find out, but not right now. The point is, I started asking myself "What would cause the world to stop being able to procreate?" Of course, I can't tell you in this post, but I will tell you that I have an answer to that question. After that, the rest just started to come to me. 

   This book isn't a main priority, but I do plan on working on it before I graduate high school. OK, so I'll post more tomorrow or Monday because I'm getting to distracted. More later. 



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