Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Writing Wisdom Has Come True

Dear Bloggie,

    They were right. You know, all those people who say that the best thing a writer who is stuck or doesn't like how the book  is going can do is step back and give it time. Well, they're right. I have given Becoming room all summer, and now I have finally figured out how I want it to end. The only thing is that this change alters almost everything I had planned for the following books. But that's OK, I already had plans to alter most of the first book, so why not alter the whole series. At least I don't have re-write any of the other books like I will have to with Becoming.

  I hope to pick back up with Becoming in the Spring, if not by the time the summer begins. Well, that's my dream plan. Who knows how life will go.


P.S. Here's the new cover I made for it. :)


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