Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dear Bloggie,

    Last night I posted an entry about how I finally got C.O.A.O.P up on inkpop. As you know I was really excited and all ready to take inkpop by storm. Well, I might have said that but I never in a million years really thought it would happen. I mean it’s my most recent dream – to see my name on the top five list, hoping for number 1 but knowing that if I make number 5 I won’t disappointed – but as the day went on all I got was nothing. Whenever I get a comment on inkpop I get an email (like I do for Facebook) notifying me. No such email came. No surprise.

    At most I only had seven people who ever put Becoming on their picks list, three of those being friends and one of them being me. Even then, that was after two or three months of asking and swapping. Yeah, obviously Becoming didn’t fair so well. Again not surprised since it really sucks. That's why I put it aside until I’m older (like 18) and have developed my writing skills.

    When I got home from camp I decided to make a new  cover. My old cover looked lie this:

C.O.A.O.P cover 2

    I know, it’s mediocre at best. So I created a new one which looks like this:


   Yep much better. This one expresses the book way better. Angela E. has an obsession with red shoes since she just LOVES the movie The Wizard of Oz. It took me forever to make it though since. Finding a nice picture of red shoes is a lot harder than it sounds. Now back to the point.

   Given my rough road with Becoming, you can imagine my surprise when I go to upload the new cover and notice that three people have already put C.O.A.O.P on their picks list and one on their watch list! It hasn’t even been 24 hours. I worked really hard on the story (still am) and I am so appreciative that someone out their likes my story besides me. I’m overfilling with giddiness!!!

     I’m going to stop typing now and go return the read now so I can stay on peoples’ good graces. :)



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