Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walking On Sunshine

Dear Bloggie,

     First, the slightly bad news: I missed my bus to camp this morning. It doesn’t really bother me. I only make 5.40 a day so it’s not like that place is my livelihood. Somehow I’ll survive.

     Second, the good news: I got a really good review today. For the most part (except for one girl who sorta bitched me out, but I hadn't liked her story – she really sucks, not that I said that of course – and had told her so, but in a nice you-have-a-good-story-here-but-you-can-improve sorta way) my reviews have been good. But in this one the girl actually asked for me to let her know when I update. Here, I’ll copy and paste it:

For the swap. Okay so I've read a lot of books on this site. But this was by far the funniest. What can I say? This was awesome. Usually I stop around chapter 2 but I couldn't stop reading here. Your main character is great and the format makes for really easy reading. I now have a whole new take on the Teletubbies. It reminds of something Georgia Nicholson would write. There were a few spelling errors though and a little bit of problems with word endings. Lol but I'll leave the technical edits to someone who has more time than I to type them out. However I think a few errors with this kind of writing would be okay, because as we all know when writing, there's always that one word we forget how to spell. I'm so picking this and please let me know when you update. Thanks.

I’m so happy, what can I say? I know what I can say:

Now I'm walking on sunshine, oh oh!
I'm walking on sunshine, oh oh!
I'm walking on sunshine, oh oh!
And don't it feel good!



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