Friday, July 9, 2010


Dear Bloggie,
Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m really horrible at keeping a blog. And a diary for the matter of fact – but that’s not the point. So it’s been almost a week since I last wrote, and I know that part of it is because I’m lazy, but truthfully I haven’t had that much time. Monday I had no camp because the Fourth of July fell on a Sunday so I went to the lake (what my family/friends call this lake that we go to every summer. It’s actually near my friend Angela’s house, but she couldn’t go because she was riding her horse or something) with my mom, my cousin Samantha and Brandon (it was his 14th birthday too. We’ve been going to school with each other since we were three so high school will defiantly bring a change there. In the picture taken of my class at our last middle school dance, he’s the kid lying on the floor in the Celtics shirt. He’s the class clown type) and their mom.

For the most part we all had a good time. Or at least I did until I got home and realized I was as red as a lobster. It hurt like hell to say the least. Tuesday it was really hot and my sunburn still really hurt, so my mom let me stay home from camp. Finally on Wednesday I went to camp and as expected it was boring. Nothing special happened until today when the Junior Leaders (that’s what we are called since were not counselors yet) got to order Chinese food for lunch. Unfortunately the Chinese place messed up and forgot half of two people’s orders – Dulian’s was one of them. Thankfully he had ordered a lot of food so he was okay.

I just remembered something that did happen this week, well actually two. One of them is just irking, nothing big. My ear hurts because it somehow got clogged with water. Annoying, but it’ll be gone within a week. The other is very serious. One of my fellow JLs (Odyssey) has been sick this week in the hospital. On Wednesday Marta (the lady who runs our group) went to go visit her. On Thursday she told us devastating news. Odyssey has been diagnosed with cancer.

Even as I write these words goose bumps cover my skin. I sill can’t believe it. No one has mentioned anything since Marta told us, but I wish someone would. I know it’s morbid, but I need some one else to say it just as a conformation. She’s only fourteen; she isn’t supposed to have cancer. Especially Odyssey who is so filled with life. I hope the chemo works. She doesn’t deserve to die. Like mine, her life is just beginning.

As the years have gone by my faith has faltered. I don’t know if there is a God. I will probably never know for sure until I die. But if there is, I hope he saves Odyssey.

P.S To lighten the mood of this blog, I’m posting the first chapter of my Confessions of an Optimistic Pessimist story. Hope you like it.


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