Friday, July 23, 2010


Dear Bloggie.

     Life is odd. I know what I’m so suddenly popular on inkpop. What happen is that one of the “trendsetters” choose my book for their picks list. That simple action caused almost ten people to also pick my book and for three to put it on their watch list. All because a trendsetter thought my story was interesting. I’m happy, but at the same time I’m not.

     My book is being picked because it’s “In”, not because people love it like crazy. How else would you explain nine picks (except for Cat because I know she actually likes it, and maybe for one this other girl who had also loved Becoming) and three watches when i only have two comments and both of them are that they like it but think I’m “telling not showing”. Well of course I’m telling not showing, it’s diary style novel. You tell your diary your life, not show it. Any other type of book I would understand, but this one is different.

     I don’t know, life is weird today. Again I’m up until almost three o'clock in the morning (2:56 am to be exact) trying to get people to read my book around inkpop and posting on my blog out of sheer frustration. I really need to stop taking out my problems on you. It’s not nice.



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