Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inkpop, Ready Or Not Here I Come!!!!!!!! :)

Dear Bloggie,

     This is a really quick post just because I wanted to inform you that Confessions of an Optimistic Pessimist: Love & Other Absurd Forces is up on inkpop! I finally got the fourth chapter finished and was able to post it like five minutes ago. If anyone who reads this blog has an inkpop account please comment. Just clicked on the highlighted book title above and it’ll bring you right to it.

     I’m just so happy. I might actually finish this book. My deadline is suppose to be August 29th or 3oth, the same day I expect to finish off my real life dairy so I can have a new one for high school. Now it’s 2:34am and I have camp tomorrow so i better get to sleep. I stayed up extra late tonight just to write the chapter. I’m so going to regret it in the morning. What else is new…



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