Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Because

Dear Bloggie,

     So…what’s up? I’m not very sure what this post will be about. I have a post planned, but I don’t really have time to use that idea right. Plus, I have to finish the last one part before I can write it. This weekend I spent most of the time surfing On Demand for movies. There have been some movies I’ve wanted to watch for a while that I finally got a chance to so now I’m in a good mood.

     I dedicate most of my life to reading and writing, so watching four movies this weekend was a big treat. Well almost four. As I hinted I didn’t finish the last one yet. That’s what my next post will be, my reviews in the different movies. Maybe I'll hold off posting about that for now so I can watch even more. There are two On Demand movies I’ve have my eye on. I might succumb to the temptation and watch them. Even though I should be working on my C.O.A.O.P story.

     I’m getting really excited about it. I’m at 9, 487 words by now. Technically I only need 513 more words before I can post it on Inkpop, I can’t really post in until I finish chapter four. It’s not really a chapter, but for storing and uploading reasons I call each day a chapter. Because I’m so excited I’m going to post and except from the next chapter. This is one of my favorites entries to write by now. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think…well if you want to comment. You don’t have to obviously.


Monday, Still at Lunch, 12:30pm

   Support and understanding, hahaha! What a joke that turned out to be. So I was finishing up writing my last entry when Lindsea finally came out of the lunch line and noticed. Being my kind and supportive best friend she went, “You’re still writing in that thing? I thought you said that you weren’t going to keep a diary because – like your (failed) attempts at a blog – you have nothing interesting to write about?”

   To which I responded, “And what is so wrong with wishful thinking, hmm? Maybe my life is about to take a turn for the best, finally?”

   Lindsea gave me this look that…well I don’t know how to describe. It basically looks like she was about to laugh, but then decided what I said was stupid and I was acting immature. I might have been more offended at that moment, but I’ve seen that look so many times that it doesn’t even faze me.

   “It could happen! Maybe I’ll suddenly find out I’m really a princess and this diary will become a real version of The Princess Diaries?”

   Not that I would want to be a princess. I mean, if I were a princess I would never end up ruling some small European country located near Italy and France – which would be so awesome since both Italy and France are on my vacation wish list. No, with my luck it would be some crap country between Russia and Ukraine where they consider Prince a new and upcoming artist, both men and women have to shave their beards daily, and everyone would go around talking with an accent that is mash up of Dracula and Hitler.

   I guess I really should be grateful my father isn’t a prince; my life would be total crapola if he was. It’s no secret that the good genes reside on my mom’s side. Even though her family has been in America since shortly before World War II, her side – all aunts, uncles and cousins of various degrees included – has remained purely Irish. Well, that was until she married Dad who is a mix of Germen, British, Scottish, Polish, and French Canadian. You can see why Grandmother Elaine and Grandfather Patrick (God rest his soul) were appalled by the notion at first. Hell, Grandma E (a name she would kill me for if she new I called her behind her back) still gives Mom dirty looks whenever Dad messes up or says something stupid – which is, like, always.

   I guess the fact that it was a shotgun wedding didn’t cushion the blow that my mom was marrying the human equivalent of a mutt.


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