Saturday, July 17, 2010

It’s Alive, It’s Alive!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Bloggie,

      I would just like to start off by saying I know this will sound like I’m losing my mind and all, but I’m not. Really. I’m not the only person to do this and most likely will not be the last. It’s quite normal when you think about it. Well not normal, but since I stand by the truth that anybody who is a fiction writer (maybe even nonfiction writers, but I’m not so sure about them) is off their hat*, I consider this at least a bit normal. My great idol Meg Cabot even did this. Actually, I thought of this before I discovered Meg Cabot had already thought of it too, so that made me really proud. You know what they say, great minds think alike.

     Your probably think “What the hell is she talking about?”, so I’m just going to say it. I have started a second blog. One that belongs to Angela Ellis. Yes, you read that correctly – my made up fictional character has a blog. But as I said earlier I’m not the first to do this. Meg Cabot did this for her character Mia Thermopolis, protagonist of the Princess Diaries series. I found the link the other day on Meg Cabot’s blog and checked it out. I didn’t really read it though. I’m still reading the series and I don’t want to know what happens in the end anymore than I already know. After I’m done reading the series I’ll read the blog too.

    So you see I’m not that nuts. I actually think it’ll be fun. Plus, I’ll get to know Angela better. Any writer knows that the key to writing any good story is to know your character to a point that you’re no longer the author, they are. That’s what I’m doing: Getting to know Angela Ellis inside and out. It’s funny actually how much I get into writing.

   On Thursday I had the last scene of the book stuck in my head so I wrote it out. Of course I don’t know everything that is going to happen, so I had to make some up as I went. I was almost done and I had something planned for Angel’s cousin Missy – all ready to write it out – when I realized it was wrong. Missy wouldn’t act that way. Missy is weak but strong. She wants something so badly even though in the end it’s bad for her. And yes, she will regret it and change her mind later and chose the right thing, but not yet. She’s like the rest of us – complicated.

    That’s the part of writing that I always have to remember, I can’t make the choices for them. These characters can not merely be fake. Fake characters equal fake people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to read about fake people. In the end of the day they aren’t made out of flesh and bones, but they might as well be. They have a spirit to them. That’s why I love writing. I create. Not things, but people. Life. Stories that will chase your imagination. That’s why I read, that's why I write. 

    I wish I could explain that to Serena. One thing that she always had a problem with was that she didn’t understand my love for writing. why I love to talk about it and the people I make real through words. She used to like to write, but it lost her interest. Sadly, it lost her interest just as it grabbed mine so tight that the jaws of life couldn’t free me. Obviously you can see why that can turn into a problem.

   Talking about Serena, we talked today. Not in person of course – I haven’t talked to any of my friends in person yet. She wrote on my Facebook wall today that she was trying to post some videos of me, her and Neena from our 8th grade retreat to Holiday Hill. I liked that post, commented that I hope it worked since I was thinking about the videos earlier this week and then decided to write on her wall. nothing much, just asking what she had been up to since we had only talked once since graduation. I’ve decided I want to try. I don’t believe it will work, but I want to try to stay in touch. We’ll see how it goes.

    So on the funny side of life, there was this kid in my class who had been a really big douche bag. I mean, whenever he didn’t get his way he went running to his mom to go fix his problems. All of us really disliked him for that since his Momzilla was really annoying and always making things worse. On his end of the year speech – we all had to give one but some of us got to give it on a special night, him and I being two of them – he said he had found greater meaning and all. We all hoped so. He actually seemed to be getting better. Recently I found out he turned towards Buddhism, which is probably why he seems to have changed. Thank god, it was really getting bad for him.

    These are his last two Facebook status updates:

“Who we are never changes. Who we think we are does.”
“The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do.”

    Hopefully this means he’s changed for the better. What I don’t get is that he wants to join the army when he gets older, but aren’t Buddhists suppose to be all peaceful? Whatever, I hope this works for him. Though after finding out that the guy who is basically mentoring him has this** as his about me for Facebook, I do wonder.

    Okay, so this post is getting to be way too long. I’m going to finish up by saying I have three songs I strongly recommend you check out. The first two come from the Kick-Ass soundtrack. I went to see the movie when it came out and had loved it, so as soon as I got home I checked out the sound track…only to find out I loved it too! The songs are:

      Make Me Wanna Die ~ The Pretty Reckless

     Starry Eyed ~ Ellie Goulding

   Truthfully, I love the whole soundtrack. I really do. But these two are the ones who stuck out the most for me. Okay, now the third song. Even though I really didn’t like Eclipse – I consider it the worst of three by now – I totally loved the soundtrack. It amazes me how a movie so bad, can have a soundtrack full of music that is so good. Right now I’m totally unloved with one of the songs. 

     My Love ~ Sia

    I couldn’t find a version of the video that was just the music with pictures of the singer or any official video, so instead I found a version that they made it with clips from the show Vampire Diaries. It’s not the best, but since I don’t like Twilight that much, it was either Vampire Diaries fan made video or Twilight fan made videos. Obviously I chose right. Plus, Ian  Somerhalder is supper hot. Can you believe he’s almost 32? I know, he looks like he’s 25! Hmm, 18 years apart…four more years before we could legally date…maybe it could work…? Wait for me my love! Kidding, sorta….

future husband                                                                    HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!! :)

    So I guess that’s it for today. Oh, I just remembered something I forgot to say about Angela’s blog. It’s still in progress, but as soon as I’m finished I’ll post the link. I tried to make another blog with this account, but I couldn’t changed the About Me part on one without changing the other. Instead I created a whole other account. I even had to make another Yahoo mail because they recognized my email! The only thing is that now I don’t know how to delete the other blog (the one I made with this goggle account, but then couldn’t use because of the About Me part) so I have a totally useless blog just sitting there. If anybody happens to know if/how you delete a blog, please let me know.

     ~ Libby

P.S. This whole post was created and posted through Window Live Writer! This makes it so much easier to post with. Plus, I can have both of my blogs on Windows Live without having to sign in and out to reach them. I love technology, it makes life simpler.

*off your/their hat means you’re/they’re crazy, bonkers, mad, nuts! I first heard it in the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. Alice’s father says it to her in the beginning when she asks him if he thinks she’s mad for dreaming about a place that turns out to be Wonderland. Not that we didn’t already guess that since most are familiar with the story.

**You ask me who I am. I'm a simple stranger seeking the answers as I walk upon this land
Mother Earth has given me her classroom to learn all I can
The Great Spirit has shown me the animals to teach me and understand all that I am
I try to live in peace and harmony
For we are all one in this universe and we belong to it's vast
The winds of change are no longer coming
They have already begun
Listen all around you for the paths will soon be clear
Look for the signs around you the time is almost here
You ask who I am
I am a simple stranger seeking truth upon this land
And when my time here has ended I will come back and seek the path again


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