Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Cat!!!

Dare Bloggie,
So my friend Cat (a.k.a Yoda) has asked me to keep blogging, so I here I am! Since she’s the one encouraging me to blog, I have decided to make a very special post for her. So here it is….

(No the girl does not look like Cat, but I thought the picture was cool so whatever)

Yes, its dear Cat’s birthday today. I got her a gift (I wont write in down just in case she reads this today) and I have written happy birthday on her Facebook wall. I hope she’ll like the gift. I have this weird phobia of getting someone a gift and them not liking it. I was going to get her a gift card to her favorite store, but when I checked out the process I realized it would be a waste. It costs almost $50 bucks just for a shirt! I had already had gotten he other things so my mom said it had to be twenty or under. Yeah, twenty dollars could barely buy her a bracelet.
Plus I made this really awesome picture of her on Picnik.

Yeah, I know you’re jealous of my mad computer skills. Oh yeah, I’m awesome, I’m awesome…

Yeah…enough of that… Ok so we had a write a essay in English class on the quote “what’s past is prologue”, and did mine on my life. I was going to post it, but not today. Today is Cat’s day. I hope she’ll like the picture, I had fun making it.


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