Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crazy Driving Grandpas, Dream Homes, & an Obsession with Meg Cabot

Dear Bloggie,
As promised I’m back to writing properly and normal like – well as normal as ever. So today is Father's Day as you all know. I hope you guys all celebrated and treated your dads really well. Since my life is a little empty in the father front, I celebrated it with my grandfather. My grandfather has always stood as a father figure in my life, even if maybe not the best of them. To say the least he’s a real character. I swear he’s going to get us in trouble one day with his driving skills. He’s one of those people who are a lousy driver but still likes to curse people out. Normally he curses people out in Portuguese, but even then many of the words (like son of a bitch, bastard, ect.) sound pretty much like they do in English. Normally when he does this I laugh, but sink into my seat just incase.

Still, despite his antics, I love my grandfather and I know he loves me. Mom still tells me how I’m the reason her and my grandfather started talking again. When my mom found out she was pregnant with me and told my grandparents, my grandfather was furious. He’s kinda old fashioned so, even though she was 32 and it’s not like she got pregnant young or anything, he saw her as disgracing to the family when she had me out of wedlock. That anger and disgrace lasted until he held me.

After my mom had me she caught and infection – she had a C section and unfortunately the doctors messed up a bit – so a nurse would come to the house to check her out or something. One day they needed my grandmother’s help with something so my grandmother went into the living room and had my grandfather hold me. Up until then he was still in anger/disgrace so he hadn’t paid to much attention to me, but as soon as he held me the disgrace melted away. I was a cute baby. Don’t know what happened.

I still remember watching cartoons with him when I was little – the old ones like Looney Tunes, not the sucking ones they have today. That and I used to help him out in the garden and sit on his lap. He might not show that much feeling – many Portuguese men don’t, they act like compassion is a disease, that’s why I’m never marrying a Portuguese guy, most become grouchy with age – but I know he cares. He just shows it in his own way, yelling is his favorite. I still remember when he yelled at my mom for not wearing a coat. She’s a grown woman but still he acted all father like. Maybe he should have done it with less yelling, but it’s a family thing, were loud and fantastic yellers.

I also have a confession to make; I’m obsessed with Meg Cabot. She’s like the awesomest writer ever. From all the writers who I dream of being in their place one day, Meg Cabot is on the top of my list. She’s really understands teenagers. I can barely even describe how much I admire her! I love reading blogs, so of course I keep up with her blog. She’s actually part of the reason I started my own blog.

Last but not least: I found my dream house. So yesterday I convinced my mom to drive around Old Wethersfield, a part of Connecticut that is made up of almost entirely old houses ranging from before colonial times to early 1900’s, some more modern houses mixed in here in there, but not many. I just love this area so much. Towards the end of the area is the cove, but now that I think about it I mentioned this all before since it’s basically the backdrop for my story Incandescent. Well we were driving around when I saw this old house. I remembered it from last time, but I hadn’t gotten a close enough look. This time I got a picture.

Right now it’s a bed and breakfast, but hopefully by the time I’m married and starting to have children, it will be up for sale and I will be able to raise a family in it. I just love the house. I already can imagine turning the side house (most likely the maid’s quarters or a garage back in the day) into my writing office. Since I want to have many kids (5 to 8) I’m probably going to need my own quiet area to write in. I can just picture my life in this house and let me tell you, I like what I see... :)

Hopefully God will answer my desperate and untiring prayers and let this house be for sale when I start having kids and moving out of New York and back to Connecticut to raise them (as my dream life would go).


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