Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Incident

Hey Bloggie,
I know it’s been a while, but that’s only because I’ve been apprehensive about writing down the incident. Nevertheless life moves on and I might as well just say it. So let’s start at the beginning.

You know my post about the horrible day? Well it turns out scraping my knee was only the tip of the iceberg. Even though my mom told me not to, I had brought my cell to school that day. That night I was going to take a picture of my graduation dress to show to Serena, when I checked my backpack and could not find it. I wasn’t too worried; I’m always losing stuff and there was a small possibility that it was somewhere in my house. On Tuesday I checked my school but couldn’t find it, so when I got home I looked for it around the house. Now, I was getting worried. I told my mom and she said to double check around school so I did. Still nothing.

My mom picks me up from school on Wednesday, so I told her it was still missing. I didn’t have school that Friday because of some teachers in service meeting, so I said if I didn’t find it by Thursday I wanted her to cancel my account ant I would pay for a new cell with my grandfather’s money I never used (100 for Christmas and 100 for my birthday). It never got to that point.

I was checking my mail when I saw people were commenting on something on Facebook. So I log onto Facebook and guess what the first words I see? No, not magical pony (good guess though) but instead “I HATE YOU BITCHES” as MY Facebook status. Under the status it has comments from different people asking what is going on and one – from Neena – asking what was I cursing her and Serena out. Of course I’m in shock because I did no such thing. That’s when I notice that the status was posted via mobile Facebook. My mom just so happened to be walking through the door from work at that point so I ran to her (she would later say that from the way I was acting when I ran to her she thought the house was burning down or something!) and told her someone was impersonating me and that she needs to cancel my phone account.

While she is canceling my account I started to tell people it was not me who had posted the status and that they should not believe any bad status. Well I guess the person who had my phone was not done because they posted a status (under my name!!!) saying “Chill out, I found my phone.” I of course told my mom who was on the phone with Verizon about it and again told people that I had NOT found my phone! Finally my phone was shut down, I changed my Facebook password and I start asking Neena what happened. I guess the person texted her and Serena saying that I hated them and that I didn’t want to be friends anymore. I told her to inform Serena that it wasn’t true and she did. The next day I told my friends what happened and asked Serena more about what happened.

In the end Verizon sent me a new phone right away (I had it by Thursday evening, the fiasco having occurred Wednesday evening), Serena and Neena understood and didn’t hold it against me, and everything went back to normal, but I can’t help but wonder. Who would hate me enough to try to mess up my life? Who is my enemy? It had to be someone in my class since they would have to have been aware of my previous arguments with Neena and Serena (they only targeted them from my phone list) but after this year I wouldn’t imagine anyone doing it. I have become pretty close to the girls in my class to a point where I don’t see anyone of them as backstabbing, and this incident is too bitchy to be a guy. So who? Now that’s the burning question...



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