Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hey guys,

I am sooo excited! Guess what happened today? No idea? Okay, I’ll just tell you. So I was thinking about how I can not wait to write Kaela's story – how I have it all planned out for the most part – while I was reading Radiant Shadows, the newest novel in Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series. The series explores the world of Fearie and all its courts. There is the summer court, the winter court, the dark court, and then there is the High Queen which is basically the head honcho. Yeah it’s probably my greatest inspiration for writing about fearies.

Well I was reading the book (I technically just started) when I felt the longing to write Kaela’s. That’s when it hit me; I should just write it. I mean I’ll change Kaela, make it another character. That’s the only tie to Lulu’s series. I can finally write about something I really like.

I’ve always loved faeries. Ever since I read about Tinkerbell as a third, fourth, and fifth grader I’ve been obsessed with fearies. Then, in sixth grade, I read Wicked Lovely and discovered a different world of fearies. A darker one that I loved tenfold. I already came up with a name. Ever Moore. You know, like forevermore. Eternity. Perfect name fore a fearie. I came up with the name when I was writing “Ever since…” earlier in this paragraph.

I’ve read a book about a girl named Ever, actually the book was named Evermore (by Alyson Noel), but the girl’s name was Ever Bloom. Pretty, taken, and I’m okay with that. Mine fits the character better. And it reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven, since the poem repeats the words “Forevermore” and “Nevermore”.

The only problem I still have is the fearie courts that are supposed to be at war. I’ve read different books since reading Wicked Lovely, and I’ve discovered other names for courts. Unseelie and Seelie courts are the most known, but Holly Black wrote about them in her books, Valiant, Tithe, and Ironside. I’m thinking about a day and night court, maybe that will work. Maybe I’ll text Yoda about it. Either way, I’m really excited!


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