Friday, April 23, 2010

Sneak Peeks

So, I've had the "Lulu" series planned out for months, but I have been trying to take it one book at a time in it's specific order. Yeah that didn't work out so well. So I've written bits an d pieces here and there. I've even written Lulu's first time "doing it". Well not so much "doing it", as the foreplay that led up to "it". Hello, I'm fourteen and have never kissed a guy, never mind gone farther. How would I know how to write a love scene when my own love life is so pathetic? That, and I'm writing a book for teens, not a porno.

So lets get back on track, I like to ramble a lot. Sorry, but bare with me. So books 1-4 are through Lulu's point of view. While book five is through Lulu's best friend Nikkie's point of view, book six is through Lulu's old high school enemy Kaela's point of view, and book seven is though Lulu's ancestor Catherine's point of view that will be conveyed though first person narratives and diary entries. Then finally book eight, the last novel, will be through alternating point of views that will be separated by parts. Lulu's, Nikkie's, Kaela's, and then Lulu's again. Also, the rest of the characters will get random chapters here and there though their points so i can tie up all loose strings.

As you can see I've got this all planned out. Well to a certain extent. Without further ado. I give you the following excerpts. The first from Nikkie's book, the second from Kaela's. (No I will not put the sex scene chapter up you perves!!!!)

Excerpt From Moonlight: Nikkie’s Story

I slid fifty cents into the slot, dialing a number that had become so familiar to me that I could concentrate on my surroundings as my finger moved swiftly over the numbers. That and being a vampire gave me some wicked reflexes. I tried to control my breathing as the other line began to ring.

Ring. One.

Ring. Two.

Ring. Three.

“Hello?” she said slightly on edge. My breath caught, the words bubbling to my throat but still being held captive. “Hello?” she asked again, ready to hang up on what she thought was a stupid crank caller.

“Lulu?” I cried.

“Who is this?” she asked suspiciously, a note of recondition hanging in her voice as if she was afraid to be wrong. I smiled at her quirk.

“It’s me Nikkie.”

“What?!?” she squeaked. I heard voices in the background asking her what was wrong before she apologized and said she had to handle something. More shuffling echoed through the phone as she left the room. Her doorknob squeaked, letting me know she was in her room now.

“Where the hell are you Nikkie? It’s been almost four days since you were last seem drunk and trailing after a Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. You know how much of a lead that is? None is the answer!” Lulu lectured me.

“I know, I’m so sorry, but I messed up. I messed up bad.” I cried, tears sliding down my cheeks.

Lulu sighed. “It can’t be that bad, whatever it is I’m here for you. Now what happened?”
“I’m dead.” I whispered.

“I understand that you will always love him – trust me I understand – but you have to move on, no matter how dead you feel.” Lulu began, thinking I meant dead inside.

“No Lulu, I’m really dead. I’m a vampire.” I whimpered.

Excerpt from Incandescent” Kaela’s Story

“So you never told me your name.” I teased, a small smile playing on lips, trying not to appear too interested – slightly bored even – when truthfully my heart was beating at a million miles per second.

“le Fay, Kellen le Fay.” He says naturally, but the gleam in his eyes lets me discern there is something special about his name. Something he finds funny.

“le Fay, huh? Like Morgan le Fay, King Arthur’s sister?” I asked circling the tree so that my back was now pressed against its rough bark, Kellen standing on the other side just out of my awaiting view.

“Close, but I like to think more along the lines of its meaning.” He said rounding the tree so now we were face to face, our noses almost touching.
“And what would that be?” my breath catches in my chest so that my words barely rise above a whisper. For the first time since I lost my virginity to Dustin Ryan in ninth grade, I was nervous around a guy.

Kellen’s face inched closer to mine so that we were now only breathes apart, his warm fresh scent swirling around me. Not a minty fresh scent that most guys have, as if they just finished swallowing a packet of Spearmint Tic Tacs. No. More like fresh cut grass. No, not grass; it’s more like he bottled spring. All the new life and greenery and somehow became spring itself so that it would exude from his every pore. “Faerie.”


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