Friday, April 23, 2010

Editing Sucks

So I have written in a couple days. Well, more than a couple. Four days to be exact. Don't know why I wrote that, just felt like it I guess. Yeah, so lets get back on track.

So yesterday I experienced the writers lifestyle. By that I mean I wrote until 9am. Not so much wrote as edited, but that's not the point. The point is that I put all priorities aside (a.k.a sleep) and concentrated on writing. I gave my godmother, Claudia, my book about a month ago, and she has been slowly editing and reading it. By now all I've gotten back is the prologue and part of the first chapter. Yeah, my aunt is slow, but now that she finally found a job after being unemployed for a year, she doesn't have much time.

I wasn't really sure what the the point of this is, but I think i found it. Editing sucks. Really it's the worst. I pity all editors. Not enough that i don't want the them to take a chance on me. They must really really love their jobs to stick to it, because I never could. I can barley stand editing my own work, never mind other peoples. Well that's not totally true. I love reading over my friends work, I just don't like reading over other people's work. People I don't know. Like the people on I only do it because they in turn will read mine.

So yeah, that basically it. I just wanted to spread my editing pain. It took me hours just to edit my prologue! You know what? (Of course you don't!) I'm going to post my prologue up. Why not? That and I'm going to post a small part of two future novels.


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