Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Day With Angela Pearson, Georgia Nicholson, & Other Imaginary Friends

Hi guys!,
So I've decided to turn over a new leaf. No more drama. No more friend problems. No more bitches. It's time for me to live life to the fullest. I know it sounds weird and corny, but I'm just so tired of all of this. Of 8th grade. I can't wait for high school. I get to reinvent myself in a completely new environment. I get to totally be me and not have to worry that other people think I've changed. That's who I want to be. Not the person I became over time at my now school.

Now you all know how I love to write, so I decided to tell you some about my the newest novel I'm working on. It's a very flexible maybe series, because it's just fun. I love reading this series called Confessions of Georgia Nicholson By Louise Rennison because it's realistic. I mean I don't have half the boy drama she does (sadly I don't even have one hundredth) but her friends are so relatable. Like her friend Rosie is soooo much like Yoda/Cat. And now I see that Serena is soooo much like Wet Lindsay!

But back to the point. As I read the eleven book series I discovered that I could relate to Georgia in a way that I couldn't with many other characters. That's when I realized I need to write my own relatable tale. So that's how Confessions of an Optimistic Pessimist was invented. It's also in diary style and it follows our protagonist Angela Pearson as she graduates form eighth grade and has her first summer romance. She has five close friends: Catlyn (Cat) Flannery, Lindsea Anquillare, Kimberly (Kim) Pascal, Victeria (Vicie) Phan, and Renee James-Herald. Then they is her family: her mother Janet, her father Jonathan, her eldest brother Philip, and her other brother Nate (short for Jonathan).

I haven't totally figured everything out, but I have a good idea about this book. It will probably turn into a series, but it doesn't have to since it will have a happy-all-loose-ends-tied ending, unlike my last book where you needed to read the second book because you had so many questions, but I'm not working on a second book yet.

I'm excited and happy today, so I guess thats a turn of events. The sun is shinning, I'm writing, then I'm going to do some homework later after lunch. I'm cold though so it's not perfect, but that's New England. Earlier this week I was dying of heat, today I'm cold. :)



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