Monday, April 19, 2010

World War III: Lulu Cohn vs. Me

Dear Bloggie Readers,
So I'm utterly bored. Today was my first day of spring break, and you know what exciting things I did today! If you guessed traveling to California, then you're WRONG! What do I hear from the person sitting in the back of my imaginary audience? You said nothing? Well guess what? DING, DING, DING! You're right! But you win nothing.
Okay, on slightly saner news (and slightly is already pushing it) there are voices in my head. Not really voices, but more irking people. Wait! Before you call the men with the big needles and the white jacket for me, let me explain. You all know I wrote a book. Well it is called Becoming. Here's the summery:

Lulu Cohn never thought her dreams would come true – too bad they turned out to be a nightmare.

Lunetta Cohn, Lulu to most, lived a simple, middleclass life in Salem, Massachusetts for sixteen years until the night she had her first vision, one of her family’s death. It has now been a long and bizarre year since she awoke to find her dream had come true. Lulu, a sarcastic, clever, and strong willed about to be seventeen year old girl, has now discovered that a grandmother who she believed to be dead is still alive and living in a small Connecticut town. But just as she adjusts to her new life, one filled with friends and a potential love, deep buried family secrets start to unravel, dragging Lulu and the people she cares most about into a dark and mysterious world of magic and sorcery.

Becoming is the first in the The Immortals of the Night series which follows Lulu and her friends as they discover themselves and what they have become. Filled with romance, humor and friendship, they will have to wage an age old battle, stop history from repeating itself, and once and for all banish evil.

Yeah, it does sound interesting doesn't it? Yeah, that's the problem. I love the story, but I'm fourteen and how many agents and publishers would take a chance on a fourteen year old to write a eight book series? Count of hands anybody? Let's hands. Yeah, that's what I thought.

So instead I told myself to write another book. One that was a stand alone or part of a small series. Well in theory that sounds all good and dandy, except Lulu won't leave me the hell alone. Every time I write, I start off all "I can do this!" then all of a sudden I stop. It's like I have writers block, even when I don't. I know the reason though; it's because my heart isn't in it. I put all my heart into Lulu. I wanted to write that book more than anything, but I got discouraged. Now I try to write other stuff and my heart just isn't in it. Truthfully I don't want to continue writing the other stories, I want to work on book number two of the Lulu series, Secrets. Here's it' summery:

Before she can change the future, she will have to discover the truth about the past.

Lulu Cohn is an average teenage girl – well she was until her parents died, she found out she’s a witch, and she fell in love with Jason Griffin, a sarcastic and charming witch hunter who dumped her after she almost got killed. Yeah, Lulu’s life is just peachy these days. But dark forces are lurking around the small town of Westerfeld, Connecticut and it’s up to Lulu to save the day. With the help of Stella Kennedy, the former Queen Bee who is too busy planning her revenge on her former clique to be bothered learning any spells, Soleil Rouge, who gets major headaches when she hangs around too many people because of her psychic abilities, and Ian Sinclair, who keeps hinting that he wants to cross the line of friendship when Lulu can’t stop thinking about Jason, Lulu will have dive deep into family secrets before it’s too late.

You see? It sounds interesting. But I'm scared. Stupid fear!!! Fear sucks. It ruins things.



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