Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Writing Gods Have Found Favour In Me

Dear Bloggie,
        As you can tell by the title of this post, I have been getting back into the writing mojo. I don't want to jinx myself since I'm only on chapter three, but I really hope this all works out. I love writing, but recently the only writing I have been doing is for essays and this blog. Oh, and a bout a billion and one poems that I have written since I've become a creative writing major. Gawd, I have written so many poems that I am all poemed out! I swear, soon I'm going to be writing about my Polar Springs water bottle. That seems to be the only thing I haven't written a poem about. Well, not really, but you get the point.

    So your probably wondering what story I'm working on. Because I'm only on chapter three (almost 6,000 words in) I'm not going to give it it's own tab yet (you may have noticed that I took down the C.O.A.O.P. tab and just placed the story under Current/Future Projects), but it is under the projects tab. It's called The Curse of the Good Girl and you may remember that I first mentioned it back in September. At the time, I hadn't really written much, just the first draft of the first chapter. Nothing was really rolling with that idea past that point, so I put it aside. Eventually, my schedule became a bit over whelming so I basically put writing aside except for school work and this blog.

     I had written the beginning of chapter two and was dabbling in about a hundred different projects, when last week or so I started back up with this. I finished chapter two and am almost down with chapter three. Plus (!), I have a good idea what the storyline is here. Things are going smoothly. For now. I want to finish chapter three this week and then try to do a chapter a week. I don't know yet how many chapter there will be, but it's probably over 20. So, with that in mind, if all goes smoothly and I can figure out the plot line and outline it all out and ect., I should be done before summer. Then, if that really does happen, then I can edit during the June and the beginning of July, and have it up on inkpop and wattpad (a writing site my friend Sierra introduced me to) by hopefully the second or third week of July. I have the first two chapters up on inkpop now, but I'm not putting anymore up until I'm done.

      I learned a very valuable lesson with C.O.A.O.P: Once you put it on inkpop, you have almost NO time to write. You're constantly reading other people's work so they can read yours, that you barely have time to do anything else! That's basically why I stopped writing it. I only really had time to write during the summer, but I was always reading. Once school started, I had almost zero time so writing was put on hold completely -- so was reading (inkpop and published books). But I've found time now and am going for it. Hopefully. Good night.

                     ~ Ariana

P.S. This is the cover I've made. Actully, I've made many, but this is my favorite and the one I'm going to use.



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