Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years My Dear Chums

Dear Bloggie,
     So it's actully just a few hours after January first, but I decided to make a quick post. First, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday vacation. I know I did. But sadly, all good things must end. Monday it's back to the same old routaine until winter break (which I get in February) and spring break (which I get in April, but I am aware that some people just get one break in March or April, instead of one in February and one in April). Still, I thought I might share some of my New Year's resolutions.

  1. Lose Weight: I really need to do this. With the holiday season, it hasn't been working. As soon as I finish the chocolate covered potato chips I received, it's back to healthy eating! 
  2. Get A Boyfriend: That way I you will have to stop listening to me bitch and moan about being single and upset that my crushes don't like me, and I won't bitch and moan about being single and none of my crushes liking me. You see, everybody wins!
  3. Review More Books: I really enjoyed doing that review the other day for Withering Tights, so I've decided I'll do that with all the books I'm going to read in 2011!
  4. Write Another Book And/or Re-Write Becoming: Yeah, I really need to complete one or both of these...
  5. Try To Become A All-Around Happier Person: Can't really promise this one. 
  6. Stay In Touch With My None GHAA Friends: I really need to improve on this. I'm always forgetting to text them or answer their texts because my phone is ALWAYS dead from lack of charging. OK, not always, but it seems like that. 
  7. Purchase The iPhone From Verizon: It's FINALLY coming to Verizon, but I'll wait until the iPhone 5. It's coming out sometime around June or July. Hey, I see it this way: I didn't have a computer until seventh grade, I was able to wait for that -- even if I think I waited WAY too long. I just got the iPod Touch, I waited a while for that too. I have wanted the iPhone for a year and a half or so now, I can wait five to six more months. For a person with zero patience, I have waited for a lot surprisingly. 
  8. Watch More Doctor Who: I started watching it on the eve of New Years eve because there has been a super long three-day-marathon going on, and OMG, I am in love with that show now. I mean, like borderline obsessed! OK, not borderline, I am obsessed! You, there, reading this blog! Yeah, YOU! GO WATCH DOCTOR WHO NOW! I SAID NOWWWWW!


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