Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Hey, Nice To Meet You 2010..Wait, Where Are You Going? Come Back! COME BACK!!!!

Dear Bloggie,
    Where has the time gone? Can you believe that 2011 is just hours away? I mean, it seems like just yesterday that we were saying goodbye to 2009 and welcoming in 2010! And now it's almost GONE!

    I started blogging about a year ago. Be it, it was towards the end of January, but January none the less. It's amazing how much can change within a a year. What I'm grateful that hasn't changed is that I still have my friends. I was scared to leave eighth grade, but in the end I had to. Years ago, I watched a movie named Big Fish. I love this movie, definitely in my top ten. The title is quite interesting, isn't it? Big fish? What the heck does that mean? Is there fishing? I know you asking your self these question. (OK, probably not; but pretend for my sake please? Thank you.)

     To be a big fish in a small pound means that your expectations and desires in life are higher or larger than where you're currently at. You're meant for more. The man in the movie, was born into a small town, but he was always more then that town. He was successful and he dreamed big. He was the big fish. It been shown in studies, that if you keep a goldfish in a small tank, it will never grow very large. It will stay a small fish. But, if you transplant that goldfish into a large tank, it will grow to be a big fish so it fits it's new surrounding. It will have the room to be more.

     Middle school was that small pound. It was great and I loved it, but I couldn't stay there forever. To stay in middle school forever would be to limit myself to that small tank. I had to be transplanted, like a goldfish. That doesn't mean I'm a big fish right now. I like to think of high school as a medium sized tank. Seeing as I'm still a small fish, the medium sized tank is good for now. It'll give me the room and space that I need to become a medium sized fish. But one day, I will also have to leave this tank. I will make my final journey into the ocean.

     It's vast and seems to be limitless. I can may get lost in it, others sure have. I might find myself running back to my medium sized tank, or even my small fish bowl from time to time. But in doing so I will only discover the undeniable truth; I have grown too big for the fish bowl and medium tank. What seemed big for a small fish, will prove to be tight and constricting for a big fish.

     I believe very much that I will be a big fish. Somewhere out there there lies the key to my ocean, my future. I'll find it one day, but first I need to grow. A small fish in a big pound may very well find that it wasn't ready for it all yet. So I'll wait until my time comes to leave my tank and swim into the sea. I'll say goodbye to middle school and 2010, and all the memories, good or bad. I'll always have them, but I'll have to let go and let them be my past. You can remanis over the past, but you can't live in it.

   So goodbye 2010. I'll miss you. You've meant a lot to me, to all my friends, but I'm sue 2011 will too. Today I was hanging out with Cat. I'm extremely scared of escalators because I almost fell up one and down one when I was younger. It has to have been over five, maybe six years since I have ridden one. Today I did. I owe it all to Cat. She helped me over come that fear. Well sorta. I did have a mini panic attack going down. (Seriously, I was hyperventilating and grabbing on for dear life, but I made it down alive.) In the end, the best thing about moving from one tank to another is having a friend there to help you transitions. Yeah, my friends may not be in my side of the tank, but they are still in it. And the visits are always bound to be fun. Now, because I'm writing this at 1:03am on New Years Eve morning, Happy New Year Eve everybody. Hope you all have a good New Year's Day, and a great year after that.


P.S. I'm tired of going by Libby, time to go by my real name. Hi, I'm Ariana. Sure you were expecting that to be my real name. It's not the most common, but it's nice if I say so myself.

    ~ Ariana


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