Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Viking Wedding of My Dreams

Dear Bloggie,
    Christmas is almost over. How sad. Poo.
    I know I just posted earlier, but I was reading Wuthering Tights when I thought of something that I decided to post about it. So I was reading it (I’m around page 30 something since I didn’t have anytime to read until I got home from my great aunt’s) when Louise Rennison gives us a description of Tallulah Casey, the protagonist. She has brown green eyes, and dark drown hair. Oh, and she comes from Irish ancestry. Suddenly, just like that, I started to understand this character. Why you ask? Because the description reminds me of Cat!
    I just love it when writers create characters that remind me of people I know. I create characters off of people I know all the time, so when writes make characters that remind me of the people in my life, I feel a bond to them. Like maybe we have friends that are similar. Maybe one day my life will turn out as successful as theirs.  
    Of course, though Tallulah reminds me of Cat in looks, I don’t know yet about personality. I have to read more to find out. Besides, Cat will always remind me of Rosie, one of Georgia Nicholson’s friends. Rosie is the craziest of the group and very funny. In my heart, I will always hold out hope that Cat will find herself a Sven and have a Viking Wedding (the type of person, not the team). Reality wise, even if Cat ends up in England and finds herself a big, tall, Norwegian who has a love for furry shorts, blowing his horn (…), and crazy disco dancing (not to mention a semi-fetish with Vikings; but I was never clear if it was Rosie, Sven, or Georgia that really loved the Vikings thing), I don’t think she would ever have a Viking inspired wedding.
    Imagine if you will, Cat walking down the aisle in traditional white wedding attire, only to meet a fiancé at the altar who is wearing the whole Viking shebang. I don’t think Cat would go for that. But then again, there are women who get married in camouflage. Both the bride and the groom. So I’ll just hold out hope for now.  
    Now back to the story. I’m quite enjoying it. It’s not through diary entries like the Georgia Nicholson series, but it’s still funny. Tallulah is actually supposed to be Georgia Nicholson’s younger cousin. At then end of Georgia’s series, Georgia was supposed to be around 16. Tallulah is 14 and a half. MYAGE!
    I enjoy reading (and writing) books about fourteen-year-olds. At fourteen you think you’re mature, but you’re really not. I only came to this conclusion when I started writing C.O.A.O.P. I had received a comment on inkpop about how Angela (my protagonist) was a bit immature, but that was OK because the person remembered being like that at fourteen themselves. Well it’s no secret that I have given Angela Ellis many of my traits. The more I thought about it, I realized that maybe I wasn’t that mature, but that was OK. At fourteen, life should be fun and goofy. You don’t have much time left to be those things.
    I’m not really a fan of fifteen. You’re no longer in that in between phase of middle school and high school. More is expected of you, but you’re not quite old enough to do much. Can’t drive, can’t really get a job. It pretty much sounds like a poop year. I’m sorta dreading March 13th, my fifteenth birthday. But oh well. I need to be fifteen before I can be sixteen. And that is another of my favorite years.
    It’s two minutes to midnight and I want to read more of Wuthering Tights. Cheers.


P.S. According to my Blogger stats, my most popular post ever is this one. Mainly because the butt sex picture brings in traffic when people Google for things like that. Is it me, or do you think it's a bit odd that soooo many people are Googling "butt sex"? For the heck of it, I'll add two other funny butt sex pictures I found. Because that's just the type of blog I run.


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