Monday, December 27, 2010

Cover Evolution

Dear Bloggie,
    Today I made a new cover for C.O.A.O.P. I was looking over all of them when I decided to make a post out of it. I'm supposed to be writing a book review for Withering Tights since I finished it last night (really this morning since I stayed up until 6am reading), but I'll do that tomorrow. I promise. Sorta. Now onto the covers!

Cover 1

I know, it's the saddest excuse for a cover. Ever.
Cover 2

This was the first cover I had ever made that I really liked. I had this one up when C.O.A.O.P. first became know around Inkpop.
Cover 3

And OK cover that a girl who goes by "The Beaver" on inkpop made me.

Cover 4
I really loved this cover. It was made by a guy in Inkpop named Kyle.
Cover 5

First full cover I made for this series. At first I really liked it, but as time progressed I started feeling like it was too unprofessional.
Cover 6
Last, but not least, my new cover!

The Coney Island postcard, cotton balls, and silver star are all things that have meaning in the book. The two pictures, I must admit, are not random pictures off the internet. I know a girl named Julianna who looks A LOT like how I pictured Angela Ellis, so I went through her Facebook pictures and ended up finding those. They worked perfect with the story so I used them. She'll never know and in the end it's really no different then if I found random pictures of people I don't know and used them. I had too Add Angela's cat Sheba to the cover, so I put her in the corner, watching quietly, ready to pounce. The character of Sheba is actully based off a cat my mom  had in her 20's that she tells stories about. It wasn't a very nice cat. But it had it's reasons. It's quite a funny story actully, but I won't tell you in my blog, all will be relieved in the story. If I ever get back to it. I will eventually, maybe after the New Year before I start back up on Becoming. Or maybe I'll work on booth of them at the same time. We'll see. 

   That's all the time I have for today folks, but come back tomorrow when I'll have a review for Withering Tights up. Sore sure. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. 



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