Sunday, January 23, 2011

Excerpt, Excerpt, Read All About It!

Dear Bloggie,
       Last night I finished chapter four (I can't believe it either) and today my goal is to write chapter five. this, I know, will prove to be harder. It's a high emotion scene. My character, Chelsea, is for the first time since they were children starting to connect with her sister. Part of is because her sister needs her for the first time in a very long time. She's eighteen and pregnant. Yeah, she may be engaged, but obviously it's got to be scary when suddenly everything you had planed to goes out the window and you find yourself on an unknown path. The other reason they are re-connecting is because Chelsea is starting to see her as less then perfect. She can understand her now and isn't trying to live up to her.
    So I have to write about these buds of a sisterly relationship, but also about their parents who have a very complicated relationship. So it's a chapter about her family life and how it pertains to her and all. It's going to be hard, but I'm up for the challenge.
   Last night, as I tried and failed to sleep (I think I might seriously have insomnia; I should probably tell a doctor or something, but whatever)  thought on a somewhat alternate ending. It's almost exactly the same, except for her relationship with one of the characters. The only reason I haven't chosen this option is because I think it might actully work better as the end of the whole Addie Baudelaire book. I don't know, it would work well both. Maybe I'll keep it a mystery until the end, then write the last scene whichever way it comes best to me.
    For now, I want to instead give you an excerpt from the story. Enjoy (hopefully).

    After high school, I’m off to New York. Loud, fast, and noisy New York. It’s so different from Clearport. Clearport is where you go to raise a family. Go to live peacefully. Go to die. It’s the Florida of the north. We might not have the heat, or the city life, or really anything at all, but we have quite and relative tranquility.
    Maybe that’s why I want New York. I want to go somewhere that, if I choose, I can get lost in. I want to be some place where it’s all happening. I don’t want to be my parents in thirty years, both of them have risen to the top of Clearport and now find can’t move up anymore. Maybe that’s why they do what they do. Do who they do. Because in Clearport, it’s so scandalous and gossip worthy that it’s become something new in a town where everything is so old. 


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