Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giving Myself A Kick In the Ass

Dear Bloggie,
        I've been so supremely lazy these days. I've been using excuses like school and play practice to get off from doing things. You know where that got me? An F in Math and Spanish for the third quarter and no writing or blogging done. But I'm over that. Now the work must start. I got a C on my Math test the other day (which is a great improvement when you think of how much time and effort I put in to it, staying for extra help just so I could understand and not fail), Friday the 29th I'm starting with the big end of the school year musical (I'm just deck crew this time instead of assistant stage manager but I am still excited), I've started working on The Curse of the Good Girl once again, I'm trying to get back into the reading spirit, I'm trying to help out with this charity called Locks of Love (I've donated hair to it in the past and my school wants to host an event so I've signed up to be part of the committee -- though it might not work out because right now I'm the only person who has signed up to be apart of the committee), and I have a goal to make 300 paper cranes. The last one is because my school wants to make 1000 paper cranes (there is a whole legend and true sad true story behind it, here's a link because I don't feel like explaining and I sorta want to keep this post short) and so I've taken it upon myself to make 300 during my Spring Break (I've only made 125 by now, but plan to make 25 more today and again 50 tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday).

    So this is my little update in life. Hope everyone is having a great Spring Break -- well, that is if you are on Spring Break. I know not everybody is because some of my friends had it in March instead -- during the time I was doing the play, I must add, so I didn't get to see them then either. For those who are on break, can you believe it's almost over! School starts on Monday. *sigh* I wish my school gave to weeks like Cat's school does. Though her Spring Break was in March. Whatever.


P.S. I can't wait for May 25th! I'm going to see Panic! At the Disco!!! (The three explication points I put after their name are not normally there, just the one after "Panic". The other three are because I'm excited. I know, I'm acting like you dear readers are idiots. Sorry, I ramble.) In had mentioned them in past posts because I sooooo loved their first CD. I still love their first CD more, but I like their third a lot too. Lets not even talk about their second.

P.P.S I'm in love with this band (Coma Cinema) and this band (Sleeping At Last) right now. Get their music. Now. For Coma Cinema it's free because the singer is very Indie and isn't sighed to any record label (though he should be because of how great I think he is). The second, well I don't know why the CD is up for free on this site. They have their music up on iTunes for $9.99 for the same CD and for their other CD's, but maybe because they aren't that well known they decided to put some of their music up for free in hops that people will be interested enough to buy the rest of it. It worked. I love the CD so much (except for "Clockwork" which does nothing for me even though the word clockwork is my favorite word ever -- for obvious Steampunky reasons, as well as how pretty I think it looks) and definitely plan on buying more of their music once I have more iTunes money.

P.P.P.S. Have I ever mentioned how awesome I think you, my dear readers, are. Though I would appreciate if you commented more. Or at least clicked on those thought box thingies at the end of my posts. Just saying. :)


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