Thursday, April 7, 2011

Comedy + Horror Movie = A Drama With A Hell Of A Lot Of Teen Angst

Dear Bloggie,
      I had no plans of blogging for a while (seeing as I have a hectic schedule and problems in Math and Spanish -- both of which I failed this semester!--) but something happened today that has caused me to blog. I'm going to admit it; I feel bad and like a major bitch since just a few posts ago (which is also sad in the sense that it was over a month ago but I haven't posted much in the last few months) I had a whole post about bullying and meanness and people who are poop heads, and still I wasn't very nice today. It went down like this.
      First period was science class and my teacher wasn't in today so we had a sub, which basically meant we talked all period. My friend Jake and I were texting (even though we were sitting right next to each other) because he has problems with a girl in our class named Julianna. He had made the huge mistake and had put a status up on Facebook a few weeks ago about how the drama should stop and then added "That goes for you too Julianna".  As you can imagine, she wasn't thrilled.

      So he was texting me about her and saying she was the main person from the whole that she couldn't stand because she acted fake. Though I sorta agree, I told him she wasn't the number one person I considered fake. That person was no one else but Jaine. Remember here, the girl who was Stage Manager for the play?

     You know on the first day of school when you first get to know people you can just tell who you're gonna like and who is going to be irksome? Who will be popular, who will be the stereotypical artsy kids, and who will either be geeks or loners or fall somewhere in the middle? She was just one of those people you knew from the first day where she fell: the populars. But that's not my reason for not liking her. It's because she does act fake, and then goes around calling other people fake. Like I remember the beginning of the school year she was always going on with things like "Glastonbury people are so snotty and so fake and that's why I didn't want to go to Glastonbury High School". All the while, she was acting JUST LIKE SHE SAID THEY WERE! That upset me. Then when she showed up to school orange a in November, well that was just ridiculous. Then you also have her constant flirting! There was this guy in the play that a lot of the girls had crushes on simply because he took off his shirt. Whatever, he was hot and all and there is nothing wrong with thinking as long as you didn't do anything since he had a girlfriend. But she was ALWAYS flirting with him and hanging out with the actors instead of the the Tech people. She kept on acting like she was better then us (as in the tech people), and that was VERY irksome.

     So I told Jake and he said he agreed and he actully considered her slutty. I thought about it and I realized she was. Maybe she isn't doing it with people, but she is very flirty, even with guys who have girlfriends. After first period I went to second (History) and Jake and I didn't resume our conversation because we instead watched this video and sang the song so many freaking times. After second period we had a R block (short for "Resource", which means it's a study hall) and on the way he sent a text that read "Jaine a slut" or "Jaine's slutty". The only problem was instead of typing my name into the "To" part, he was thinking "Jaine"  and typed her name in. I'm sure you can guess you know where this is going.

     Jaine is now very pissed, as you can imagine. We're hoping she will calm down enough not to tell Guidance. We know she tried today, but Guidance is supper swamped because something is going on (though no one -- "no one" as in students -- seems to know why or what's going on). They probably won't be tomorrow, and if they aren't I'm pretty sure she is going to go to them. While I won't get in trouble (especially because I'm not the one who sent it and I can't be pinned for anything seeing as there is very little evidence of my involvement), Jake can get in trouble. They can say that he is bullying her, even though that text was never meant for here eyes and it's not against the law to not like everyone. Jake tried to cover his tracks by saying he was only joking around with me and saying random things, not things that he meant, but I don't think Jaine is an idiot enough to believe it. I'm worried for him. He's a good guy but he can sometimes really put his foot in his mouth. I hope everything will work themselves out. I really, really hope so.
                              ~ Ariana <3


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