Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog Name Ideas Please!

Dear Bloggie,
         I've decided to move my reviews onto a separate blog from my personal one (this one). Any ideas what I should call the review blog? I was thinking "Stranger then Fiction" because I like to read so many contempary fiction (realistic) novels, but then I started thinking it may be interpreted as a nonfiction blog. I don't know. Comment with ideas PLEASE!


The Divine Writer said...

OOH! I love coming up with titles! Hmm. So it's a book review blog, then?

The Divine Writer said...

well, there's already a blog that's called "stranger than fiction" although it hasn't been used in 2002 and I think that the blogger should forfeit the name, so you might not want to use that.

The Book Babbling Queen ( OR are available!)

Book Showers ( is available!)

Books For The Queen ( is available!)

That's all I have for right now.

Good luck!

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