Thursday, April 7, 2011

Evie J ( of the Peace, Love, & Books blog) Blog Layout GIVEAWAY!

Dear Bloggie,
      Since joining Inkpop, I have come across many writers like me (young and unpublished that is). Evie J had three books in the Top Ten before she left the site. THREE BOOKS! I discovered her when her second Inkpop book (Lost Spirits) was climbing the charts. Well, as you know I haven't really been blogging a lot these days, so you can imagine my delight that the day I come check out what has been going on in the great big world of bogging is the day that Evie posts a giveaway. Not just any give away (by the way, I STILL haven't received those books I won from the Treehouse Gang blog!) but a giveaway for a blog layout! I JUST LOVE HER LAYOUTS!!! Really hope I win. I really like the template/layout I have now, but it's just not quite perfect for me. Still, I can't find anything I like better. If I win, I will surely have something better. Here's a link to the contest. May the odds be ever in your favor...

                     ~ Ariana <3


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