Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not Cool UK, Not Cool.

Dear Bloggie,
    I have this dream of moving to England when I’m older. Of course, this dream must have bumps in the road or else it would be too easy. Today I started looking into colleges in London. At first, I was having a hard enough time just finding a school in London that offers Creative Writing as a major (they don’t call it a major, they just call it a course of study) full-time (three years, for some reason they don’t have a fourth). After getting very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very aggravated and even venting to Neena, I was able to find school. Right now my list contains:

4.      Roehampton University

    After finding these schools, I decided to look more into how I actually get a visa to, you know, live there. God, I wish I didn’t. Talk about mood deflator. It’s so freaking hard to move to England. Going to school there isn’t that hard. It will require a visa for education and I’ll have to renew it a few times and all that, but if I choose to move there for another reason? HA! Unless I can prove I have family there (family born there), have a job waiting for me, or a fiancé, I basically screwed. So sad.
    Of course, now I know I have to go there for school. If not for my Bachelor’s degree, then most definitely for my Master’s. If I don’t, I may never be able to. Hearing this of course makes me sad, but at least I know before it’s too late.
    I’m pissed off at the UK at the moment, but whatever. I’ll deal. I guess. I’ll distract myself with Math homework. I mean, I NEED to get into a college in London now. This way, after I’m done with school, I will be able to get a job and apply for a work visa. With this, after a certain amount of time living there (I think five years, but I’m not sure) I can apply to become a legal citizen of the UK. Thank God I’m a writer; with all the paper work I’m going to have to sign, my writing skills are going to be put to use majorly.
                ~ XOXO,


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