Friday, August 6, 2010

Are You There Blog? What’s Wrong With Boys?

Dear Bloggie,

    I know I said I wasn’t going to blog for a while. And I’m not. After this post. I promise that my next post will be at the end of the summer  so I can celebrate having reached 50 posts. (Is it really appropriate to celebrate when the only reason I started a blog is because I had major drama issues this year?)

    Now, to the reason why I’m blogging. So months ago (I don’t even know when, that’s how long! Wait, I think I made one last summer. Yeah that sounds about right…) I joined Yeah, I know it’s a sorta corny dating site. But it’s for teens and besides taking quizzes, completely my profile, and friending people, I have never used my account. I don’t have the nerve to start a conversation with a total stranger, never mind a total stranger who I think looks cute.

     In the past I have gotten IMs from people, but I never actually talked to them. I would just exit the little chat box and they would get the hint I don’t want to talk. But today, as I longed in, I noticed someone had IMed me when I was off so it just got saved. This is what it said:

hey good looking do you like gifted white boys

    Yes, that’s what it said. I kid you not. I swear that I will never get a normal guy to fall for me. The only guy who might have liked me ( I heard the rumor he liked me) was a boy named Noah in Kindergarten. Before you go all “Awww” you have to know that Noah was known as the boy who did disgusting things and loved to say “bathroom words”. I hope you understand what “bathroom words” meant because I don’t want to put it on my blog.

    I checked out his profile (because I’m that desperate and an idiot) and it says he’s from Sarepta, Louisiana. Of course it would be a southern boy. I was just having a conversation with my mom earlier about chivalry and how it’s dead. But then I remembered there are supposed to be “Good ol' Boys” in the south. If this is any indication, all I’ve gotta say is “Good ol’ Boys” my ass. (Side Note: Of course as I write this and have iTunes on shuffle through The Killers’ songs, their song “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” would be playing. It’s very country sounding song. But then it was originally by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.)

    I mean, he does sound like my type. His profile says he is 5’6, has short blonde hair, green eyes, and is 15, but still. It was a weird way to get my attention. Plus their is always the question of what he meant by “gifted”…

     I’ll have to text Neena about it tomorrow and ask her opinion on the situation. The thing, not the person of course! 8P

    Plus, I’ll just have to wait for his pictures to come up. His profile shows he has some , but they need to be approved by the head people of espin before they can become official profile pictures since this is a teen site. So right now they are blank looking pictures under his picture category. My life can never be simple can it?

~ Libby :)

P.S. My story C.O.A.O.P is number 206 right now!

P.P.S. Funniest phrase of the week: Dr. Killer. Taco!  8*P


isleptwithsatan1 said...

Wow, you are very young and extremely sheltered, aren't you? You should not be allowed to freely communicate with others on the internet if you didn't automatically ignore that IM on espin. That was quite clearly someone just looking to dirty talk with you. You are joking when you say you weren't sure what he meant by "gifted," right? He is pretending that he has a large penis. Even if he was actually 15 and not some creepy old pervert, he just wants you for sex. Parents who shelter their children from sex don't realize that they are putting their children at very high risk of being hurt or even raped. Talk to some friends who have had sex. Arm yourself with knowledge if your parents won't.

Carrie & Libby & Me said...

I was only joking about not knowing what he meant by "gifted". I'm not a retard. I didn't talk to him, he was a creep so ignored him. And I might be sheltered, but I'm not that sheltered. I know a lot of things mainly because of TV, internet, and friends who like raunchy jokes. I just don't have any first hand experience. Plus none of my have had sex. Except for a couple, most of them haven't even kissed someone.

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