Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Bloggie, It's Been A While......

Dear Bloggie,
     I know by now you probably thought that I had stopped blogging. In truth, I've been dying to get back to it. May was the best month of my life (OK, maybe life, but definitely this year) and June is going good and dandy as well. In May I was tech crew for my school's production of Anything Goes (which was amazing, the set itself was phenomenal). I was thinking about going to the cast party, but then it sorta got canceled. You see, the girl who was hosting had the type of parents that don't care if you drink, do drugs, or have sex. Personally, if I held a cast party it would be filled with ginger ale, pizza, and chips because there is no way in hell my mother would let me have anything of the other things above at a party. But this girl's parents would (may I include that the girl is only a sophomore). I wanted to go for the high school party experience, not for sex or drugs. Though, is I'm being honest, I probably would have drunk some, but not a lot because I don't really know the cast and I don't want to be known as That-Sloppy-Drunk-Freshman. 

    But sadly one of the cast members parents found out about what would be at the party and threatened to call the police so it was cancelled at the last minute. It was sorta re-scheduled at this junior named Jordan's house, but he lives all the way in Avon so many people didn't want to go. Plus, sex, drugs and alcohol was not going to be tolerated by his parents at his party so I'm guessing that's why many people didn't want to go. 

     Still, I got to drink that night anyway. We (the cast and crew) had gone out to eat at this restaurant down the street from my school after the last show. One of the girls at my table had ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri. Somehow, her order must have gotten mixed up at the bar because when she took a sip, it was not virgin. She passed it to the other people at our table (two freshman girls I'm friends with and this sophomore I had made friends with during the show) and we all took a sip and let me tell you, the it was strong. She drank like half of it by herself, but after a while she stared to feel really buzzed so me and this guy named Gordon (both of us who had ordered our own strawberry daiquiris in hope that they would also be alcoholic, but we had no such luck) split the rest of hers into out own cups. He went first and put a lot so mine lost the taste of alcohol after a few or more sips. Still, I was happy. My first high school drinking situation. It made me realize I am growing up and I'm starting to experience new things. Some I'm going to turn down (drugs like crack, heroine, acid, all things I WILL NEVER TRY), but there are things that I will do. Like drinking and I'll probably try weed by the time I graduate. I do go to hippie school after all. Either way, I'll try to make good choices, ones that I won't look bad an think "Wow, I was an idiot. Why did I ever do that!?"

    There are plenty of more things that happened in May and I haven't even gotten to early June, but I'll save that for another day. 


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