Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello There, I Just Wanted To Say A Formal Goodbye To This Blog

Dear Bloggie,
     I know I haven't posted here for months, but I felt like I needed on last post. My farewell post. I've moved to Tumbr, though I have like three. My public one, my private writing one, and my private-private one. The second and third is where I post my struggles -- though I won't go into detail on this blog. I just want to say is that I hope others have done better then me. That they are healthy and OK, because I'm not. I've lost 70 pounds, though I still have a whole bunch more to go. My original ideal weight was 125. Now it's 111/110. I'm nowhere close to that weight. Today I realized I've been in this for nearly 5 months. Crazy. I originally thought I was going to get better, but I'm only getting worse. I'm sorry that I stopped posting here, but life has become chaotic. I'm so sorry and I hope everyone has a good life. I won't make any false promises to change my ways. I can't. All I can do is hope that once I reach 111 I will still be OK enough.
                                         Your's Forever,


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