Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Funny, Sad, & Overall Lovely Things

Dear Bloggie,
  I finally watched (500) Days of Summer today. It's been on my "Movies To Watch" list for a while, but for some reason or another I've been holding off on it, even though I've seen it on the On Demand menu plenty of times. Today, I just decided to get over with. I loved it. And hated it. I loved the main guy character, Tom, but I felt such murderous rage for Summer that it kinda threw me off. No matter how much Summer pissed me off, I found at least one things we have in common.

Oh the Penis game, how fun it is...

   But I guess there are always going to be things in movie that upset you. One of my favorite movies EVER is Juno, but I seriously can't watch the parts that Juno and Mark are getting close without cringing. I guess the movie pie chart is true.

The only thing I rarely do is the purple section

    This hasn't really been a good week for me. Hell, 2010 sucked ass for me. 2011 really hasn't been much better, but at least it hasn't been much worse. I saw this chart today on one of the blogs I follow.

       Now I'm thinking "Oh poop, all except maybe one or two apply to me!" Which isn't good. Then I saw this picture thing on another blog I follow, and I totally relate to it too!

      But, whenever I'm feeling down, alone, and as if nobody gives a crap about me, I''ll just think of the "Penis Game" (like the two guys in this video) and try to laugh it away. It always works, at least for a bit. 

                          ~ XOXO,


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